Mhank Players Back Sunday?


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I'm no Mathematician but are they claiming they have isolated for ten clear days?! They only arrived back last Friday. Which would mean they were isolating when they travelled and Julieann travelled knowing he was positive?

Isolation period begins from 48hrs prior to either first signs of symptoms of positive case or positive test...whichever comes first. So their isolation would actually start from two days prior to Julien’s test which presumably would be early hours Saturday morning?


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They should be in for a game tomorrow and then even more so again on Wednesday away with the majority having not played or trained for best part of two weeks.

Basically they have paid £250k to go away on a fitness camp and come back in worse condition than before they went.


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Duffy left his bubble, went on a commercial flight. Then entered the bubble again without isolation. This was on the go ahead that he was retested and two negative results given.

There is no protocols that allow such. Nicola Sturgeon never said in her briefing that Passengers from the 3rd returning from Dubai can skip 10 days isolation if they give two negative tests.

Its corrupt as Duffy was no longer in the Elite bubble. As I have said before if Sturgeon 10 days from the 3rd was advisory and not mandatory then once again was a classless act that mob are.
I agree it is a farce but on the other hand I'd not stand in anyone's way of giving him the vaccine so he can play all of their games from now until the end of the season.


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Test and Trace go back to when you symptoms started rather than the day of the positive test.
Not really correct here. They’ve gone back to the date of the positive test (Friday when they returned from Dubai)

Julien doesn’t have any symptoms so it’s highly unlikely he’s spread it anyway and I actually don’t agree with it, however since it’s them it’s funny


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I don’t see or hear of Ian Maxwell writing to separate entity fc seeking any explanation on Duffygate .....or even an apology for the mess they have brought back ?!?!?!

hivs boss says they havnt received an apology from them either