Michael Beale: 'Misunderstood' Alfredo Morelos makes me excited to go to work at Rangers every day


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Rangers first-team coach Michael Beale claims that Alfredo Morelos is one of the most misunderstood players in football and says that the striker makes him excited to go to work every day.

Beale loves working with Morelos to improve his game, and says that the way he is portrayed is far removed from reality, with the 23-year-old always eager to learn on the training pitch and a positive influence in the changing room.

He says though that Rangers supporters and fans of Scottish football in general should enjoy him while they can, because big clubs elsewhere are sure to be interested in securing his services.
“There are certain players that make you excited to go to work,” Beale told The Beautiful Game podcast.
“He’s one of the most misunderstood people playing in football, certainly in Scotland.
"He went from Colombia to Helsinki then to Rangers to a Spanish-speaking coach [Pedro Caixinha] that left quite early in his time here.
“This is a young boy that needs to be a player rather than wants to be. He needs to be because he’s got a foundation back home in Colombia, he’s doing a lot of things that a young 23-year-old should be applauded for.

“He’s the joker in our changing room, he’s the big smiler that is always playing pranks, and the public don’t get to see that.
“He’s obsessed with scoring every day, he’s not a player who wants to keep possession of the ball and be low risk, he wants to be high risk.
“He’s a maverick, and we have to applaud and celebrate these players, certainly here in Scotland where we need to enjoy him while we can.
“There will be a lot of clubs interested in him, you only have to look at his goalscoring record this year.
“What summed him up for me was his goals against Porto and the two goals away at Feyenoord. He’s now scoring against elite, high-level opposition in a European competition, so it’s fantastic. There’s so much positives around this kid.
“Do I think that the boy has made some mistakes in the past? Yes, I do, but there isn’t a 23-year-old that hasn’t.
“There’s young Scottish and British boys playing in Scotland making similar mistakes and not being picked up on it.
“I don’t want to add to the drama and the weight around it, because what we try to do is to continue working with the boy, because he is genuinely a nice young boy and he’s very misunderstood.”


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For those who listen to them the episode of the Beautiful Game podcast is well worth a listen to.

Beale is excellent on it and gives a great insight into the weekly work at the HTC and you can see how much of an impact he has on younger players.


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I think it was telling that Beale said that papers 'need to sell drama'
If Rangers take things forward against the Sun it will produce more drama around Alfie.
I think the management might want to shield him from garbage in (dying) tabloids


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Glad to hear Michael highlighting that there are players with similar disciplinary records yet aren’t receiving the same condemnation.
I think that’s what needs highlighted here.
List all of Morelos’s bookings and let the world see how violent and how much a screwball Morelos really is.
Two ordering offs this season and the worst foul was his bump into Brown.


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Glad to hear Michael highlighting that there are players with similar disciplinary records yet aren’t receiving the same condemnation.
And also reminding the world, including some on here, that he’s scored goals against “elite” opposition in an “elite” tournament.
Between the lines, my interpretation here is that he doesn’t have to score against the paedo harbourers to prove he's a top striker.

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