Michael Bridge tweet


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I think most felt the same mate. I'm a pessimistic bastard though, and had a feeling we would utterly romp it until the championship at which point I thought we might struggle. I didn't envisage the off field spiv driven shambles that essentially caused the on field woes, however. When it was clusterfuck central I really didn't see us getting back to the very top - really grim days.
It made us stronger.


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We will always remember the journey back however we will never forgive or forget those who put us there in the first place - they tried to kill our club.
100% with you there mate. NEVER forgive or forget what they nearly got away with. The thing that they never took into account is the loyalty and love of our fans for our club and underestimated our determination to rescue Rangers from the gangsters, con-men, asset strippers and c nts like ashley (he isn't even worthy of a capital letter in his name).



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The journey will always be remembered. Some people deal with it in different ways. I'll remember the cnts who tried to kill us too. I knew we would be back. The were times at the heat of the moment when I thought even worse.