Michael Owen


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He's got zero personality & talks $hite
He's always on the wrong wavelength & frequently gets things wrong

In other words - he's got all the qualities the T.V. punditry bods value the most

He's obviously destined to go far in this business


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For the FF deviants!!



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Aye, that's a massive WTF. At a time when Rivaldo, Figo and Zidane were at their peak as well.
My understanding is that it didn't carry quite the same prestige as it does just now.

The current Ballon d'Or is the result of 2 awards merging, the one Owen won was called the Ballon d'Or at the time but the FIFA World Player of The Year was the proper prestigious one. The FIFA one was sort of absorbed into the BD and it became the ultimate one it is today.

Either way I choose not to recognise his victory!


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Must admit I never quite saw Owen as “frightening”. He was a brilliant player who reached a high level at a very young age, and let’s give him his due he was a really excellent finisher. But ultimately his game was built around lighting pace and once injuries took that away he wasn’t half the player he was before. For “frightening” see R9.
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Hey look it's actually Sam Torrance, ex-Ryder Cup captain, I hope we don't get in the way of his drive! Good thing I have shatterproof glass.

Not exactly a guy I would want to invite to a dinner party.