Michael Stewart adds another item to his long list of fails.


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Failed footballer, failed trialist, failed politician, failed boxer, failed canoeist and now failed tennis player.

@David Edgar are you any further forward with getting him nailed down to a time and place for a debate?

I am concerned that after you ragdoll him (verbally only obvs) you will still be widely condemned for requesting a battle of wits with a man who is clearly unarmed.



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He would've made a great ballet dancer he's that f*cking graceful. The fud moves with all the ease of someone that's been in a coma for decade or two.


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This lady's front bottom always gives me flashbacks. Fanta Baws reminds me of a lassie that sat next to me at school. She had ginger hair and smelled like tinned spaghetti. True story.

Gordy Boy

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Hit me up, 'Mikey'.

I've got Tuesday night squash courts at Bella booked for the next 3.

In desperate need of another to fall upon their sword.


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He shouldn’t be too down, he’s great at being a massive tw@t. Everybody is good at something.
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