Michael Stewart Now Attacking The Youth Team


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I don't think he has much of a life. He's an opinionated gobshyte with nothing better to do out with having pokey bumwanks.


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He’s jumped the shark. Soon he’ll be an irrelevance if he keeps going like this.
He has been used and abused by the bbc to stir it up as much as he could and would have been backslapped for it .
He then thought he was Batfink and had wings of steel and could not get told off but as we all know his shelve life is nearing his limits.

As others have said , the narrative is going to be him being not well as he isn’t being allowed to talk to his public


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I believe that Stewart seriously needs help, his life is being consumed by his hatred for our club. The bitterness shown by him surely stems from more than being rejected after a trial, the fact that even the bbc is starting to distance themselves from this clown tells it’s own story.


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Not satisfied with his disgraceful attacks on Morelos and Traynor, the brave Michael has now decided to go after a 17 year old (Ciaran Dickson):

Please Rangers, ban this utter utter prick of a human being, and also ban The Sun while you’re at it (they’re the scummy bastards who allowed this poison to be published).
How does he know Dickson is applauding the ref, he might equally trying to gee up his colleagues?
A player clapping do so is hardly unique.


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Absolute lunatic. How the feck is he not aware how much of a moron he’s making himself look with every time he speaks about us. Bitter tramp


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Picking on a young boy ! Think I'd rather be watching sexy Sonia in a ladies match than watching young boys unless he gets his kicks from them

Mr Wilton

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Never been such a guy where trouble following him everywhere he goes. He’s making/made himself unemployable, which goes some way given Rangers hating is a pre requisite of employment in the media!


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I’ve just been scrolling through his twitter feed. Jesus, what a boring, boring guy. He needs a burd or something.


I’m sure he’ll have tweeted the same every time Scott brown has smirked after getting a player sent off (Brown doing it deliberately of course unlike this one)


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Hes a coward. A creep and a zealot who hates us through sheer spite and allows his nationalist views to consume him. Many of his ilk do.

Be clever. Be nice. Be kind. Do not be like Michael.


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I think it's finally dawning on him what a complete failure at life he has been and just speaks to cause controversy so he can feel relevant. A vile little creature.

Sir Sasa Papac

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I looked at his career stats the other day, 180 games TOTAL, over 13 years!!
By way of comparison Tav is approaching 250 games in a rangers jersey alone.


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What a complete walloper. The guy has serious issues when it come to Rangers. It’s the same as the other one who failed his medical to come to us, Hartson, it has hurt them so much because they didn’t get the chance to come and play for the Queens 11!


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He is seriously deranged and clearly a warped individual with a hatred for us that's so obsessed with us he's watching our youth teams and making a dig a 17yr old lad that's not even old enough to vote yet!!


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I looked at his career stats the other day, 180 games TOTAL, over 13 years!!
By way of comparison Tav is approaching 250 games in a rangers jersey alone.
That’s absolutely mental surely there must be other ex players out there with more appearances & trophies that could do his job?