Michael Stewart questions how Rangers can afford Hagi


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I only hear of this twat on here.

I reckon if we stop talking about him and stop rising to his bait on twitter he just may fxxk off.


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I would like to know what the feck its got to do with that cretin how we operate financially..

Honestly tho.. Absolute weapon of a guy.


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This is clearly the line they are going to push now “how can they afford this” in an attempt to call into question us spending money

These bastards are dangerous.


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All you had to do you dopey prick was to look up Dave Kings presentation at the AGM. That would explain it all to you you overrated goldfish in a small pond.
We are also currently backing our team with huge amounts of season ticket cash.

Swindon Gers

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Whats our business got to do with him, he's nothing but a prick who just happens to know how to play the game in the media, just say anything negative Rangers related then watch the hoards all joining in on Twitter,etc, all frothing at the mouth all in agreement.

Bunch of fuk wits the lot of them


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The shite this cretton talks is beyond belief! Plus its a miracle he still has a job on air! Should of been sacked and never employed again for his behaviour earlier in the season.


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What the f*cks it's got to do with who?

7 pages so far about a guy who's a better tw*t than footballer. Saw the title, wrote my comment, didn't read anything else. He says nothing I need to hear. And no one on here says anything about him I want to hear.


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I’ve blocked the fud on twitter ages ago saved getting annoyed along with Sutton and Hartson ! I cba with their inane drivel and everything bad Rangers , celtic good and great. I’d suggest the more of us that block the lot of them then they will become an irrelevance


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Trying to be controversial for attention, same as Sutton, in fact Sutton probably taught him. He's irrelevant and knows hee haw.
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