Michael Stewart


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Don’t like or dislike the guy but don’t understand grown men on here getting worked up about him, get a life.
You don't mind a guy that's paid by our public broadcaster (us), who's given a platform to discuss our club in front of a national audience and who chooses to put the boot into us at every opportunity but your bothered about posters on here who highlight his blatant hatred towards us??? Right ye are. And a wee extra snidey comment at the end just for good measure. Classy.

And this from a guy who posted this yesterday in another thread:

Nothing positive to say ?
Hypocrite much? Or does your opinion change so long as you can get wee digs in at your 'fellow supporters'?

It's clear I need a break away from this site before I get a permaban.


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Hope so. Prick of a man and wont be missed. Should of been sacked from all media after his Traynor and Morelos comments. Saying that he will be right at home working for Bheast fc.
What did he say about Traynor and Alfie? I can’t believe he has let the cat out the bag about them being married