Mick Beale tweets his congratulations


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BBC reply was pedantic and dummy spitting :)

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"It's not the last 32, it's 16 teams playing of against 16 champions league teams"

...so it is the last 32 really?

Bob Belcher

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16 teams in one half of the draw and 16 in the other half when I was is school, admittedly a long time ago, but doesn't that mean the same as last 32?

No, there are only 8 groups now, and 8 3rd-placed Champions League teams, so the playoff is made up of 16 teams. The winners then go into the last 16 with the 8 Europa League group stage winners.


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Not necessarily with us, but I think Beale should have taken the opportunity to try and get himself a management role in the lower leagues after Gerrard left.


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I’m sure he’ll be back. At the end of the day, if he wasn’t offered the top job ( no ideas if he was or not) then you’d expect him to move with the rest of the background team.


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Seen him posting something the other day saying he was back up in Scotland visiting his family. Assumed they would've moved with him.


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Masterminded 55, this man doesn't have the stature and financial security of Gerrard. Add in the fact that he still clearly cares what happens to our club and our players he doesn't deserve the same scorn that Gerrard may.

None of them deserve scorn, we should be hoping that GVB is eventually poached from us as it will mean he's done a great job, like Gerrard and co did.


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Nice words from Beale. He clearly cares about the fans and the players and like others have said clearly wants to maintain good relations as he sees us as a potential managerial job down the line.

This. Bet Beale would prefer to be working at Ibrox tonight than sitting watching it with Craigan commentating.


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I like the guy, always will. Thought it was very interesting the other day when he posted a photo of his wife and wee girl with the words “driving home to Scotland to see these two” … clearly still thinks of here as home. I reckon he would have happily stayed for a while longer.

Anyway - nice touch from him - but tonight is Gio’s night.