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He kissed Murty's arse enough that he does what he wants. Can miss every chance or misplace any pass without a worry of being dropped under Murty. Pedro wouldn't let that happen and we saw what happened when he dropped him, turned into a media circus.


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We need a strong manager who has the balls to get rid of him from the Club.
He is finished and is time was up last season.


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Kenny Miller is not a good footballer and I suspect not a good influence on Rangers. The fact that he played 90 minutes tonight is unjustifiable


I've said in another thread he seem so to play wherever he wants . He's just getting in the way . Seems to be untouchable though .


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To easy to blame Miller, our entire team was abysmal again
He for some unknown reason is the capt and should be leading by example but never does! He should be dropped asap, Pedro was correct to boot him out the team


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It’s not just Miller though. At 0-0 tonight they headed clear to right back position where Miller picked it up, he played it down the right wing to Herrera.

It was like that constantly. Our forwards playing so far out of position.


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What's going on?

I'm not going to speak badly of him, but I can't remember many other times seeing a manager so blatantly scared to take a player off.
Murty took him off on Saturday!
The fear must have been instilled in him since then.


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Folk likely wont agree with me but I personally blame Miller for the situation were in, undropable player who carries to much influence in our dressing room, undermined the previous manager and is rewarded by being put straight back into the team and the captaincy, when he was clearly underperforming, he among others should be no where near our squad nevermind team.


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Wondered how long before a miller thread.
He was quiet. Got into a few good positions, hardly worthy of a thread to himself given the shambles all over
I am a Miller fan but he was awful tonight , he also missed two absolute sitters.


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You could maybe let the negative influence go if he was a good goalscorer but hes not. 2 goals in 11 appearnces is terrible. Its not like we would be worse off without him


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He wasn't quiet, he was shîte.
As were maybe 10 out of the 13 who played.
Don't see threads for them all. Or are they about to be posted?

Only players with pass marks are McCrorie & Jack. 2nd goal aside DJ would've got pass marks too.
Wilson was ok as well