Missing Rangers fan


A mate of mine.....
Really hope he's found safe and well. Know his wee brother and played football with Gregor a few times. Good guy.


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Hopefully he’s just needed a time out and is laying low for a bit. Fingers crossed he turns up soon.


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Played youth football with Gibby at Rossvale and later on at under 21s. Saw him last year at the youths friendly vs Burnley at Ibrox. Good guy and really hope he's alright.


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A well known face at away games domestically and abroad and shared a few trips with him.

Hope to God he’s alright.

Please be safe mate.


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Played football with Gibby a few years ago too.

Seen this shared this morning on social media and was hoping to see a thread on here when I came home.

Hopefully all is well


Hope he’s OK and comes home safe and well.

This sort of thing is happening too often.

Thoughts are with his family.