Missing Rangers fan


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I know this probably won’t make any difference on how you’s are feeling but any of Gregors family or close friends reading this.

I can probably say the whole Rangers family who knows Gregor or not, in fact to all his family and close friends you have our full support, I can’t even imagine what you’s are going through.

Come home son, your family and friends and the whole Rangers family and more want you home.


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Ignore the trolls bears, they’ve been at it since the wee man vanished!

It just shows what kind of people walk among us where they’d rather pore through a social media account than actually try & help!

If I see an appeal for a retweet or share from a desperate family of a missing person I just do it, I don’t even look to see what team they support!

Suppose that’s the difference!


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I’ve done another big push on our twitter to try and raise awareness and have asked all of our members to retweet it.

Been retweeted 100 times and according to the tweet activity report it has been saw by over 15,000 people, so sharing it far and wide to try and help somehow. Copied it below if anyone can do the same:



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The sun saying the last sighting of him was on cctv in maryhill does that mean they have found out it wasent him walking along the canal?


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Came up on my time line earlier a pic of us playing together at Ibrox, think it was 9 years ago! Come home wee man


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That’s 11 days gibby has been missing,surely the police are doing all they can with their inquiries?


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Unfortunately there's only so much that can be done unless new sightings come in.

If he doesn't have a phone it can't be pinged. Even if he does it would need to be switched on.
I'm sure i read his phone was in his car so it won't help. :(

Very worrying. I always check thread each morning hoping for some positive news.


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This is awful. Seeing the wee man on the big screens again today is so sad. His mums Facebook post encouraging him to come to Ibrox today brought a tear to my eye. I just wish there was something we could do to help.
We all do mate. Every Monday he would stop me after 7s to make sure the thread would be up at 7am the next morning. Last weeks game went ahead but felt very strange.

If you somehow read this mate get in touch. We’re all here for you
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