More Birthday announcements going down well


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Their social media guy must dread getting up for work every morning. Which is magnificent.

I'll bet the co(ky twat had plenty of 'The Ten' stuff prepared as well.....even better!


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That’s hilarious, they are going to be raging with Steve Clark. Desperate to see Clark do an interview after we have pumped them saying that he’s not a 19th Century Terrorist bastard


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When is big daft stupid looking Ajer’s birthday hopefully they get him a cake and he blows out the candles whilst looking away then shouts yasss when it’s done.

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Best part is that Jack Henry is a nominee for Belgian POTY and the Oostende team (the team that we signed Fashion sakala from) have a clause in the contract to buy him for 1.5M and their legal team is falling over themselves to sign him permanently B-D
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What a year it’s been bears. They want rid of the billionaire owner, binned their ceo, captain has jumped ship, about 8 first team players are for the off, player recruitment manager left (thanks for duffer), no manager announced after 70 odd days from binning Lemmon and letters being sent out, softening them up for next weeks season ticket renewal. Had a look on their forum and they are planning banners etc, for when fans are allowed back in to let the board know what they think!