Morelos being abused in Kaluna beach club Tenerife


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Seen the videos on twitter of these absolute cretins? Woman papped out for going up and waving a manky towel in his face. Guy who’s tweeting it basically saying he is on his last warning for abusing Morelos. What is actually fecking wrong with that lot man. On holiday with his kids and acting like a complete ars3hole in front of them. Weird bunch!! Abusing a 22 year old boy.


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A funny video clip of a wee Rangers toddler celebrating a goal has went viral on social media. These Peasant vermin, however, are reduced to filming clips of drunken bigots verbally abusing Rangers players while on holiday. :confused: The Scottish mhedia are entirely responsible for incidents like this when deliberately inciting these Peasant crackpots into a frenzy and putting Alfie's safety at risk.
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Valley Bluenose

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How come Alfie appears to be on his own - or is that his Agent/friend who's sitting beside him? You'd have thought a few of the players may have gone out together. He's normally not far from Candeias.

Scummy behaviour, as expected, from the Dhim scum.


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Hes on holiday with 3 young wains supposedly, and harassing a young boy who can’t speak English, creepy bastards.

I’m struggling to translate his tweets but sounds like theres a lot of bears in the beach club giving the freakshow it tight.
According to him he’s held several conversations with Morelos.

Morelos has even picked up how to ask someone to delete videos off social media, apparently.

Prestwick Bear

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55 will end these scum mate. Obsessed to the hilt, we are more important in life than their own.

Sad but true. I honestly would never think about doing things like that against them, I regularly seen Pat Bonner amongst others at Prestwick Airport before flights and just let them get on with their day.

I was brought up the correct way and that's all that matters.