Morelos Knocks Back Qatar Move


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Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos has turned down the chance to move to wealthy Qatari outfit Al Duhail, according to reports.

The Daily Mail reports that that the 23-year-old has no interest in the potential move.

He said recently that he was content to stay in Glasgow - where he is under contract until 2023.

It is thought only a move to one of the bigger leagues in Europe is capable of prising him away from the Ibrox side.

Rangers are looking for a fee in excess of £15million for the player - who is also thought to be interesting Rennes and has previously been the subject of approaches from Bordeaux and Dynamo Kyiv.

Sam Minella

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So we accepted a bid for him? If not, how did he come to be offered or knock back anything?

More pish and wind.
Probably right, but there might have been talks between the clubs and then with us to the player if the team from Qatar were prepared to outlay serious money, and that where Morelos will have said no thanks.


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Hope he stays for this season, say what you want about him but if he's on form his goals and style of play are exactly what we need and will be the difference between us winning the league or not. A good season for us and him and he'll get his move to England.


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At 23 he’s not going to a tin pot league to top us his pension - he will want a crack at a decent league EPL / La Liga / Ligue Une etc Qatar and MLS are where pros go coming to the end of there career for big paydays.

The Barcelona Bear

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He was hoping for a move to England but I doubt that's going to happen for him now, I don't think he has been consistent enough to attract any of the really big clubs, so unless he wants to go to some backwater, he is stuck with us


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Ironically Qatar probably represents the best chance we've got of getting the best price for him. Pre New Year his stock was soaring and a move to EPL, Bundesliga, or La Liga seemed probable. I'm not so sure now given a combination his drop in form and the obvious Corona issues. The impression I get is that some of these Middle Eastern clubs have enough cash whereby outside issues barely register.


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The windows open till October, hopefully we can keep him till the after the last europa playoff and if he does go hopefully we have his replacement lined up ie the rumoured roofe move.

Ryan mcgregor

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I might be wrong but I get Alfie doesn't have a massive interest in mega-money at this point, ie not greedy he will go somewhere and he will earn massive money but playing for the arse end of nowhere ie Oman would be no use to him its like going to the states you do that for one last pay day at the moment