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I jumped into the match thread at half time yesterday and see he was getting slated, not just for his 'naughtiness' (that's what it is when any non-Rangers players does it right?) but for his all round play and at the time I thought he was actually playing decent.

Watched the game back and I stick by that, although I am sure many will disagree.

He definitely isn't playing the same type of role as the last couple of seasons but some of his link up play was really good. Dropping back and making clever (and accurate) passes out wide to open up space, making decent runs out wide himself and always being available.

It isn't the Morelos we are used to and he can still give a lot more but I think he was better than a lot of people are giving him credit for.

And for all his 'naughtiness' he definitely had Brown and Duffy wound up. Duffy's reaction should have been a red in my opinion and if it was Morelos that had reacted that way it would almost certainly have been.


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He had a perfectly good game in terms of link up play and working hard across their back line. Yes, there were a couple of stupid moments but as usual the hysteria will outstrip the reality.

Wasn’t getting himself into dangerous areas though and never seriously looked like scoring.


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Some lovely touches, some sloppy touches, never looked like scoring at all, continues to get involved in needless crap and bring attention to himself.

Just another day at the office this season for him. The sooner Roofe gets back the better IMO.


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I know what you’re saying OP.
He was effective at times.

He did make a few mistakes though. The cross field pass to put them on the counter just one example.
That was the only major error, they naturally get forgotten when it comes to nothing and we win the game.

His performance against Galatasaray compared to yesterday was night and day, I was very worried that he'd chucked it completely but I'm confident he will be back to his best soon after yesterday.


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He bothered them and was part of the winning side so he contributed, his link up play was decent at times but they were few and far between, his strength yesterday was that he was pissing them off and they were focused on him.

Big Ced when he came on also done well in his short time and gave the bheast defence something else to think about it.

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Opening 15 I thought he looked to be up for it.

After that he faded away big time and was more interested in fouling and getting involved in nonsense

That said, he played a lovely pass in the lead up to the second goal and had Brown and Duffy riled

We badly need him to get back to his form of 2019 but sadly there’s no real signs of that happening anytime soon


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The head went just before halftime. Expect a campaign for a retrospective red to start tomorrow.

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Fair summary from the OP. He played an important role in the lead up to both goals. I commented on the match thread about a slack pass he made when we were attacking that resulted in one of their few threatening attacks but when you are trying to link up play and create options a few slack passes are inevitable.

His form means he isn't the goal threat he can be but overall he was fine yesterday. He might get back to better form with more encouragement and less knee-jerk criticism from the support .


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Would love to see the old style Alfie again that plays right on the last man and in the box. He seems quite happy to come back and take the ball which is all good and can set up an attack but leads to us being that quick up the park and he's not there.


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I thought he was okay yesterday. He had some nice touches in and around the box and contributed to the overall team performance.

However, I think his contribution was bigger than his performance. They are obsessed by him, he gets them frothing at the mouth and you can pratically see their defenders and midfielders almost lining up to have a kick or a push at him, so much so that they they lose positional discipline and forget about the other 9 outfield players. Its especially important now that we've got a far greater attacking contribution coming from other players.


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Liability get rid of him first chance his link up play was terrible looks as slow as a week in jail other than that great performance from Rangers
I’m all for a everyone having the right to their own opinion, but posts like this do make me wonder...

Mate, go back and watch the game again. His link up play was absolutely fine, and a handful of occasions a lot better than fine. The switch to Kent, the wee lob to set up Tav’s shot, the nutmeg to tee up Davis on the edge of the box. The little interchanges on the right with Arfield, Tav and Jack.

Plenty of good in his link up play.


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He gave the ball away far too much
This hold up play was very poor in games like that you generally need your striker to hold the ball up and get the team up the park. There striker couldn't do it either the difference was our midfield took advantage of that there's didn't. He also took the bait from brown who knows full well what he's doing was disappointed that morelos still hadn't learned from previous games. On the plus side he's involved in the second goal which he needs to be given credit for.


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Morelos played well yesterday, he was involved in everything good we did in the final third and beat everyone he came up against 1v1.

The slap was staunch

Yep until he gets sent off, then you'd be crying about him. He can't be trusted. Like I said he started really well, but after his misplaced pass he seemed to slip back to his usual nonsense.

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He was poor, getting involved in countless incidents he didn’t have too, going in late, aiming wee fly kicks, slapping Brown, if Beaton had sent him off he would have been labelled an absolute liability again.

It would be nice for a Rangers striker to actually score against the mhanks you know, what is it now 13 or 14 games?

He never looked like scoring again yesterday and wasn’t threatening at all.


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As the 1st half was ending I genuinely was worried he was going to get sent off. He was leaving a boot in and doing stupid crap that gave the ref a decision. If they had one of their sympathetic refs in charge, I have no doubt he wouldn't have seen the 2nd half

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I love a player that winds everyone up including the fans, if the opposition are worrying about Alfie and trying to tease him then it leaves it for the others to do their thing, I personally think Alfie is having a good season football wise definitely not goal scoring wise but with Alfie being the main focus of everyone else’s attention others are scoring, like you op I thought he had a good game and I love seeing someone brave enough to do the things to Lego in the same way he’s been getting away with it for years.
his lack of goals does not show on his face when we have others scoring, take yesterday for example, watch it back and look at the delight on his face, he will always have that wee streak about him but as said, I’ll take that any day.


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Thought he was wondering into areas he didn't have to be in, there was one incident in the first half when we had Barker, Kent, Borna and Kamara all out on the left near their box then Alfie arrives as well and there was not one blue jersey in the box if a cross was to come in.


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I thought the majority of his link up play was good although when it goes wrong it is really noticed.

Definitely seems to be playing deeper. Maybe he has been told to in order to try and drag the opposition out of their shape.

We are still scoring plenty even if he isn't.

His celebrations with his team mates show he is still up for it.


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Played very well outside the box, but at the end of the day you want your striker of all people to be the one who’s dangerous and causing all kinds of havoc and panic inside the oppositions penalty box!

I guess it’s kinda representative of how we play at times - especially away in Europe - where Morelos or whoever the striker is has a lot more work to do as a team player than a poacher hanging around their line looking to break it.

He played well overall yesterday just wish he would score against those animals. Meltdown would be delicious
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