Morelos, Prso or Jelavic the poll.

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  • Pršo

    Votes: 356 34.4%
  • Jelavić

    Votes: 445 43.0%
  • Morelos

    Votes: 233 22.5%

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Flying Fullback

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Always felt Prso looked incredibly awkward with the ball, could just be my memory though - don't remember him having the range of passing Morelos does either.

Could be wrong though, was only young so can only go off that and the season review DVD's etc.
I remember Prso as having no pace & never really doing any tricks to fool the defender, but he still managed to dribble round players quite a lot purely because he had very good close control of the ball.


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The jellyfish for me- pace, power and a threat to opposition at every level. The Black tackle and the Jelavic injury should have been a barrier to that wee scrote ever wearing a Rangers top.

Flying Fullback

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Eh? Why didn't we create as many chances, he played in a very good Rangers team, had one great season then pretty clearly put the tools away as he wanted a move.
I was waiting for someone to say that as it was a popular opinion on FF at the time, but I always felt his decline in form coincided with Naismith's injury & the problem wasn't Jelavic, but the fact we were creating nothing for him.

For me Jelavic had by far the best technical skills of the 3 & I'm not saying that to diss the other 2, they all have good technical skills, but Jelavic was something special.

Though it's hard to pick between them. Morellos & Prso bring a physical side to the game Jelavic never had & for me Prso was probably most consistent of the 3.