Morelos to Brown as he was about to be subbed


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Fucking outstanding picture


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Worth noting Brown was posted missing for Roofe's second as well
One of three players who could have tracked the run
Instead he just wandered into the box and stood by his glaikit self watching the ball
He will be a big loss to us in these fixtures


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I am amazed it has taken this long for Calum McGregor to get a red card in a match against us.
He is a serial fouler who tends to be given all manner of leniency from the likes of Clancy and Madden.

I thought Walsh was wrong with the early foul on Alfie and again a bit harsh on Simpson, but he was spot on with McGregor and it clearly came as a shock to the 'dyke jumper' that a referee in a derby match had the balls to apply the rules against him.


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Words cant describe my love for alfie.

I intend to go on aholy pilgramige to his home town in colombia and thanks his parents for shagging 23 years ago