Morelos to start for Colombia this morning


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I’m just happy he was selected for the squad and he got some game time. Unlucky that he couldn’t take any of the chances, but at least he was getting these and was in place for them. Playing for his country is only going to improve him.
Good that he wasn’t injured, so back to business with us and a hatrick on Sunday.
Colombian manager will certainly be keeping tabs on him. All good.


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Another,Good,valuable,bit of experience for Alfie,he’s still learning,and will get the taste for the international game,his “movement “and reading of the game inside and outside the last third,plus his goals scoring prowess,will ensure theirs many games to come for him at international level!just glad he seems to be coming back fit.
Korea win 2-1. F*ck knows how. Has to be said, Colombia were much improved in the second half. I'm not convinced the way they play suits Morelos game to be honest. He's at his best taking balls in with his back to goal and they just don't play that sort of football.
20 million my arse, let's knock this right out the park if the wee man has to go Rangers. He will have plenty of suitors come the summer so we should be valuing his worth accordingly.
Hothead Morelos hauled off in Colombia defeat, throwing Rangers camp into disarray before O̶l̶d̶ ̶F̶i̶m̶ ̶ Celtic match.

Just to save the fat slug Guidi et all the time of writing their own headline.

The wee man has done great to start a game for his nation. He'll be a regular in that squad now I think.


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Would have loved him to score same as everyone else but like it's been said, still finding his feet with the international team, didn't think Colombia were that great and he never got too much service either plus he was halfed a sore one after about 10-15 mins!! Hopefully done enough to make the copa America squad!!
On a side note, thought Choo ying gumm was a breath of fresh air for SK!!


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My stream went down not long after he was hammered, so I went back to work.

I was going to ask how he did, but it looks like the thread is reeking so I won't bother:))


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A sitter is for example when you have an open goal with the ball under control and miss the target completely it was a good run by Alfie that he was unlucky not to get something on the ball


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S K surprised me how quick they passed the ball about when breaking upfield. In saying that Colombia looked poor until about last 20 mins.


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It’s not. The press in this country are an absolute disgrace when it comes to anything to do with Rangers.
It’s fairly clear that the Record are actively tying to devalue our players. Nothing to do with the fact that Scotland should be amazed that we have a player starting for a team ranked number 12 in the world (much higher than shitey Scotland) but that he missed a chance which is absolutely miles away from a sitter. That’s disgraceful.


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No Scottish officials so can I ask if he got booked ?
nope he wasn't booked

Press are simply trying to keep Alfie's value down.
Nothing more, nothing less.
this has to be mentioned by the club at some point, it's obvious to everyone but them it seems. No positive getting to play in a team that has some really world class stars, nope missed a chance that he never even got a connection to :rolleyes: