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I thought he was poor .Lying too deep and apart from a couple of good lay offs didnt do much.
A shadow of the player who was f*ckng brilliant before the winter lockdown.
Very true. How many has our lone striker scored since winter break ? Obv not including lockdown


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Boyd made a good point, sometimes it just depends on the player, it took him a few games to get up and running and thinking back to last season in the europa qualifiers he was never overly outstanding first game back, might just take a couple of games to get up and running again, if he’s still here. I thought he played well dropping deep confusing the cb’s with his positioning, and it’s the same way he’s played against Aberdeen a few times now. Good assist for Kent’s goal as well.


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Was weird hearing the criticism from the pundits as a montage of a number of good things he done in the game was playing in the background. Maybe not at his best but had plenty of very good moments linking up with Hagi/Kent and Aribo.

Being critical he maybe dropped deep a bit too often rather than trying to get into more dangerous areas, but all in all thought he put in a solid performance plus also got a good assist for the winner.

last minute signing

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He was fine today. As per Sky, he had more touches today than any other game last year. Also a good assist for the goal. Yes he’ll likely be away soon, however there was no impact on his performance today.

People are trying to look too hard for issues.


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I love Alfredo and we’ll miss him when he’s gone. Until then Bears let’s enjoy a talent who I have every confidence will make it at a much higher level than Scotland.
it's the collapse of the team after being in the title race (for 2 seasons) at new year that is concerning fans and AM has been a part of the collapse


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His touch and passing was off at at times but its the first competitive game of the season and he set up the first goal which got us 3 points.

I do think he will be away soon though.


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Thought his link up play today was great and will be hard to replace. Didn't get in to too many scoring positions but wasn't that type of game


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It looks to me like clear tactical variation in his play. It’s no fluke that Kent and Hagi are scoring as Alfie is playing his role within the unit of three. Analysis of his play today showed he had more touches than normal. He needs a goal as he does look like he’s trying too hard.
if goes he will be missed, however I’m excited to see who his replacement will be and how links up with the other dynamic duo.


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Yup he did fine today no complaints at all and it is very very noticeable he is being less selfish and more of a team player.

He does look if he could shed a few pounds though....and that will help him.


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When Alfie does go it would be great to try and get a forward with real pace to let the midfielders break the lines with passes. I thought his attitude was spot on today