Most disappointed you have ever been at the football


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League - Killie home for 10IAR
Cup - Hibs final
Europe - UEFA Cup final
International - Italy at home for Euro 2008.


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Not getting 10 in a row. Mols injury in Munich. UEFA Cup Final 2008. Hibs Scottish Cup Final. All pretty bad.
That night in munich really sickened me. Bayern munich pegged back and a goalkeeper that put up the best performance I've ever seen against us.

Add to that with the injury to mols, I was really down after that, even beating the Tim's on the sunday after the game didnt make up for my downer about that night.

Vambo Loyal

Losing 4-2 to the tims at the Glitterdome in 1979. Wee Doddie and Bobby Russell had us 2-1 ahead. Absolutely gutted that night.


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The Manchester season where it all just fell apart, I still think that if we'd got a free week to prepare for that then we'd have won as we just ran out of steam.
Rangers v Motherwell early 2000’s playing on a Sunday had 6 teams on my coupon all up only waiting on rangers on the Sunday for £900. Had the money spent even got a lend of a couple of hundred on the bus on the way up lol got beat 3 1. Gutted I was lol


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The game where they skelped us at Ibrox and Lustig strolled through the park before slotting home, I have stomached a lot in my time as a fan, but THAT was too much to take.


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In terms of how low I felt leaving a game it was probably Bayern in the champions league in 1999. We dominated the 2nd best team in Europe only to concede a last minute deflected equaliser, it just felt so soul destroying at the time, and that feeling has always stayed with me


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First old firm game we got beat 2-1 or uefa cup final. I have never cried at football before but did after that game


Was too young to follow football before we went down so forgive me.
League - My first proper game getting called off due to snow. January 2015 Vs Hearts
Cup - Got to be Hibs 2016
Europe - Young boys last minute winner few months ago killed me.
International - England's last minute equaliser at Hampden


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Play-off games against Motherwell.

Huge buzz around the club since the spivs were booted, things were starting to get back to normal, we'd sneaked our way past QOTS and beaten Hibs and I thought we'd go up, clear the deck and be back on track.

Then that happened.


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Manchester immediately springs to mind, but they're were a few games on the way back up that really knocked the stuffing out me. How did it get to that? And how were we so bad


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Hibs cup final. Pig sick. As soon as they equalised I knew they'd score again. I said to all and sundry afterwards that Warburton wouldn't do. Bar the games against Dundee and Celtic we were pretty dung in the second half of the season.

Then all the stuff that went on after final whistle.


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The Hibs Scottish cup final was probably the worst I’ve felt after a game. I couldn’t shake off the bad feeling for weeks afterwards.

the dug

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March 1993 v them got beaten 2-1.

ended a long unbeaten run, 40 odd domestic games.

big Hateley scored close to the end then and a chance to equalise at the death.

didn’t really mean anything in the long run but remember being absolutely gutted
Cup final this season, Just couldn't let it go with us being so dominated and somehow not getting the result everyone could see we deserved.


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Not going into labour at the opening game of the 91/92 season. Swore if I did I wasn't leaving.
Son was born middle of Sunday/Monday night. 36 hours earlier and I reckon I'd have got him a season ticket for life (or at least a signed top)


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UEFA Final in 2008 for me too.

We battled through round after round against the odds and it just looked like we never knew when we were beaten. I think the team were knackered come the final, partly as a result of dark arts at work. I just felt the same level of performance in the final as the earlier rounds would have brought it home.


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CSKA in the 1st champions league campaign.
Got my 1st adult passport delivered the week before in preparation for the final in Munich.


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Got to be Manchester.. tears that night leaving the ground.. the day we lost 10 in a row was also hard, I was 14 and left the ibrox beemback in tears also
Seeing Rangers lose for the 1st time as a child in that 1-0 defeat to Kilmarnock in last home game of 98

The league cup final this season comes close this year considering the circumstances


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UEFA cup final - saw my brother as I left and just kept walking past him as I was so gutted I couldn’t speak. Once in a lifetime as Some have said, had a great few days down there too up to that point.


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F me... I had managed to delete that from the memory banks.
That was an utterly shocking performance and in truth, Rangers gotwhat they deserved that day.
This, for me. Worst day I’ve had in 40 years following the Rangers. Just the pits.. in particular, the Wallace/Faure substitution.


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Hibs cup final. Pig sick. As soon as they equalised I knew they'd score again. I said to all and sundry afterwards that Warburton wouldn't do. Bar the games against Dundee and Celtic we were pretty dung in the second half of the season.

Then all the stuff that went on after final whistle.
I felt like someone I knew had died after that one. Very hard to take at the time.


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I know a lot of folk are mentioning the UEFA CF, and no doubt that was a sickener. I felt we'd rode our luck a little getting to the final, and we met a team who had played very well throughout the comp.

The worst for me was that same season when we lost 2-0 away to Aberdeen. Just a final kick in the baws.


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1989 Cup Final. I think the fact that I was hungover to %^*& as it was the day after my stag didn't help.