Most famous celebrity you have met at a football game?


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Sean Connery walked past me and a mate outside East End park in the 90's, mate piped up "fck me, there's Roger Moore", Connery just glared at him.:)

Also, Drank a beer or 2 with Stinky Turner out the Cockney Rejects before a few West Ham games.


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Raul (Real Madrid legend) when he played in North America for the New York Cosmos.

Came to Ottawa to play the Fury and was lucky enough to call the game for TV.

Picture taken after the game. Bonus!


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Ron Atkinson before Bruges away. Jonathan Watson in Blue Room day we beat Tims 4-0.
Yeah mate met him that day also pretty gallus was big Ron.
Ian Botham outside Tannadice he was up as a guest of McCoist, he is effin gigantic.
Andy Fordham in the Clachan as others, also vaguely remember Michael Stone being in the bar also, but don’t quote me on that wonder if anyone could confirm.


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Bobby Shearer, Robert Carlyle, Andy Cameron and Brian Pettifet at Ibrox, usually on my way into the main stand.

Tony Gale (West Ham) at a Fulham v Wolves game.


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Joe swash from eastenders when got lost after arsenal game in the Emirates cup when the police didn't allow Rangers fans up Holloway Road after the game and he gave us directions still got lost though


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Graeme Clark of Wet Wet Wet used to sit in my row in the Govan Rear. He'd always attend with his manager Dougie Souness, who always wore a half and half Rangers and England top (The Umbro chequered one). Also see Traceyanne Campbell of Camera Obscura regularly and my son got a photo with Ant Middleton outside the main stand before a game against the scum (2-0, Arfield salute game).
For some reason I always remember him being on the pitch at half time to take penalties for some competition. His name was announced as Wet Wet Wet's Manager and it stuck with me because of his surname


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Rod Stewart just after a match in World Cup 1990. My old man had been sitting behind him at the match.
Met him , Britt Eckland and two huge bouncers later that week again in Portofino.


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Some random ones I can recall.

Jonathan Watson parked his car next to mine in the Albion
Davie Syme Corkerhill Masonic
Paul Young, Scottish actor who used to do some fishing show years ago. Sat in the Govan.
Andy Fordham, very often in wee Rangers club
Robbie Fowler outside Fir Park in the 90s
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If we are talking any football match, I’ve met Mr McCoist plenty of times at games :))
Was gonna post that myself. In his playing days he used to always pop up at places like Lesser Hampden midweek.

Sat behind him and Durrant at a Glasgow Cup Final against them. Was only in my early teens at the time & was delighted.
Monica Seles sat next to me at a Napoli UEFA Cup game in Switzerland (in which Maradona arrived on the pitch on a horse...).

Also sat near Ratko Mladic and the warlord Arkan at a Yugoslavia v Spain World Cup Qualifier in Belgrade.

In 2014, I replaced Andy Gray (the footballer) at the crowded urinals of the Servette stadium in Geneva. (I told him I'd be able to tell people that, and have been waiting for the opportunity to do so for six years.)


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2 of the guys from Wet Wet Wet were sitting behind me one night at Hampden.

Not Marti Pellow and not the drummer. The other 2.

It was Rangers v Aberdeen, maybe a league cup semi final? Late 90’s probably. I’m sure we got beat.
Clarky, Graeme Clark, bass player and Neil Mitchell, keyboards, both good guys and good Rangers men, and probably with Dougie Souness who is,was their tour manager.
I spent a cup game Clydebank V Rangers with the three of them many years ago (1996) it was played at Firhill and there was a shortage of tickets and my usual contacts at Ibrox couldn't get me any as it was an away game and the stadium was also getting some construction work done the Wets sponsored Clydebank at the time it was a great day, thanks to the guys.
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Panto legend Christian at a St Mirren v Motherwell match my uncle was linesman at. Met Jock Wallace who was Motherwell manager at the time


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Met Danny Dyer outside Ibrox when he was doing a documentary on the firms up here in Scotland

who would be the most famous celebrity you have met while at a match, either at Ibrox or another ground?
Met Brian Whittle and John Regis at the piggery late 80’s.My mate thought John Rgis was Cyril Regis.Rangers won.
Not at football but Roddy Frame from Aztec Camera was defo a bluenose,his family lived across the street from us.


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Used to meet ian Ferguson regularly when I frequented the Bristol it became the norm that it was just like he was just an ordinary punter

met Sean Connery at Ibrox when doing a presentation to amo

walter smith as we passed security at Glasgow airport day after a game against them during murtys reign we were packing our stuff back in bags at same desk kept staring up at him wanting to speak but was gob smacked probably though I was a weirdo


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I once met Smug Roberts on Edmiston Drive, when he was playing Foley in Mrs Browns boys. Also not quite at a match, but travelling home from Ibrox on the train, the Brentford team and their then manager Mark Warburton got on at Carlisle.
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Sat next to Ammo at the Davie Cooper cup final v Motherwell. Only time I've ever been in hospitality. He'd been at Blackburn and it wasn't working out, I asked him if he'd come back and he said he'd love to but would need to wait and see. Still waiting I guess.


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Sir Sean Connery himself. One of the only times I've been utterly starstruck.
Wee teenager, up early to get some signatures from players etc, Minty pulls up in his car, signs my programme, then out of the passenger door stepped James Bond.
Signed my programme, said enjoy the game son. Was outstanding.


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Peter Barnes shared car going to old Trafford. Donald Park in the hotel after same game. Artur Numan. Kev Hector, Rodger Davies, at Derby games, Roy McFarland at golf and Clinton Morrison who plays for my team.


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Steve Cram at Sunderland game
Jimmy Nail and Tim Healy, Newcastle game
James and Jay from Geordie shore in gym I go to.


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Seen Damon Alborn at Stamford Bridge before.

Met Simon from Biffy Clyro outside stadium at UEFA Cup Final in 2008.


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Frank Lampard at UEFA cup final, was sat a couple of rows in front of us, was very chatty & got photos with him, Dynamo was in the club deck about 6 yrs ago, the lovely Brian Laudrup was really nice, about 2 or 3 years ago. Also big Dado, after he had left came to do the half time draw about 2009 or 10, God I
loved him, if only we had got him a few years earlier than we did.
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I had a season ticket in the main stand rear and behind me was John smeaton and parents ,also season ticket holders .(b4 he was famous)
I met the original Hagi last year after the Braga game at Ibrox.


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Robbie Fowler sat next to me at the 98 cup final at the piggery.Starstruck doesn't even come close to how I felt


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Chris Kamara casually walking along Fulham Rd heading to Stamford Bridge. He was obviously going to work.

Gordon Ramsay in his La Ferrari again in Chelsea. I don’t know if he was actually going to the game or was just stopped at the shop.

Plenty of Rangers players past and present and the WAGs in the Albion pre match.


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Didnt actually meet him but saw Mick Jagger from my seat in Selhurst Park when Wimbledon were playing Man. Utd in a cup match in the 90's.

Does that count?


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Met suggs and johnny vaughn in a boozer before a chelsea v boro game at stamford bridge and i met sean connory in monte carlo outside a hotel for the monaco v Rangers CL game


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Her father-in-law used to sit beside us until his health deteriorated and his doctor told him that sitting outside in the cold was bad for him. The family are definitely Bears.

My dad and I met Ernie Walker sneaking out the Cup Final a half time.

"Are you not meant to stay until the end?"

"Got a flight to catch to Zurich for a UEFA meeting."


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Moved seats to cramp Fatboy Slim’s style at WC 2002. England V Denmark. Nice guy, not into his music personally but was just a normal footie fan and knew his stuff regards England. Not sure he ever got his head round me being Scottish.

Unfortunately he didn’t have his good lady with him. ;)


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Met Joe Swash in a boozer right next to the Emirates before we played Arsenal in 2010. He was joining right in with our songbook and was taking great pleasure in giving it "FTP" etc.

Shellsuit Boab sits just along from us at Ibrox. Met him in the pisher a few times.

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Elton John sat two rows directly behind us at an England v Norn Iron game at Wembley in 1978 where we got beat 4-0. Just in the benchseats with the rest of the fans not in the Royal box or anything.
I was at the back of a small section of Northern Ireland support.

He had a wee crowd of hangers on with him though, including a couple of big guys who were obviously some sort of bodyguards - which is probably why he wasn't in the Royal Box, now that I think of it.
He took and gave a fair bit of stick throughout the game, all in good humour, fair play to him. And when England's fourth went in he stood up flicking double Vs and called us "fúcking Paddies".
We called him a "fúcken English poof" back. His being gay wasn't public knowledge at that time of course, it was just a lucky guess that seemed appropriate at the time.
Again he took everything in good humour. Well they'd just pummeled us four til nothing, no wonder.
I've always quite liked him since that.
That was my first big trip away from Ulster on my own. I was nearly 16.