Motherwell Agree Fee With Them For Turnbull


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Would've liked to see us get him but then again we've got a lot of talent in our midfield already.


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They're paying over £1.75m that they paid for O'Donnell then if it's a club record fee.

Good luck with that one lhads.

Turnbull is insanely overated at that price after just 30 games. They're buying nothing but potential here.


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Unfortunately I think he will be a good signing although I’m not sure he will make an instant impact


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Any player that would agree to sign for that crowd with all the news about decades of covering up child abuse is, in my opinion, making a statement about his own character!
Harsh, nah!
You hang about with a club renowned for abusing children then what does that say about you?

The old judging a person by the company he keeps condemns this player as someone who wouldn't be welcome at Ibrox anyway.


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A risky signing for me. I can honestly say that I didn't want us to use £2m signing a boy that, for me, is unproven and not ready for our first team

Has had half a season of looking decent against bottom six spfl teams - was anonymous/awful every time we played them.

I dont think it will work out for him


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A good prospect but we still aren’t in a position to be paying £3m for a gamble.

I’m surprised they have paid that given they didn’t pay similar for McGinn. It‘s looking more likely that Rodgers didn’t fancy him.
Doesn’t make sense yeah, I’m comforted that a coach like Lennon won’t maximise his potential.