Motherwell Agree Fee With Them For Turnbull


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Why are they bothering to tweet that at all? Information inevitably leaks out regarding transfers but that's deliberately publicly shaming the player. If the transfer is still on, say nothing and if it doesn't work out, say nothing. Its not difficult, that's embarrassing.

Mind you, it is coming from a rabid bunch of bams who think a multi-decade paedophile cover-up is just normal football operational stuff, so what do I know.


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Aside from being funny as %^*&, this tells me that they aren't willing to offer whatever it takes to get players in (strange when you're a club who supposedly have all the money in the world), the £3m offer to Motherwell might as well have been an empty gesture to please their support - it's all good offering a fee when you won't/can't pay expected wages.


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Hopefully we can get Aribo and Kent over the line soon and things will get interesting.

Decent chance they make a move on Aribo offering some of the £3m to Aribo as a wage boost.