Moved into top sixteen in co-efficient


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I was just looking at this, 6.750 points last year, this year we're (Scotland) on 7.50 with a minimum of 6 games still to go, should overtake Cyprus to go 15th & depending on results might actually push higher up

Seems 15th is the major cut-off, 2 CL, 1 EL, 2 In the new diddy cup
16th or below is 1 CL 0 EL, 3 diddy cup
This diddy cup needs to get to %^*&

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Our predicted position for next season is 14th as things stand. It is almost certain that we will now finish at least 15th, and possibly higher if we can qualify from this group.

We even have an outside shot of moving into an automatic group stage slot if both us and the taigs progress to the latter stages of this competition.

We can obviously win the league. But tonights results have pretty much guaranteed us Champions League football next season regardless.


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The 7.5 points we have already accumulated as a country this season is the highest since our UEFA Cup final season. I believe there are more points to be added to that from the last four group games. You have to expect between both teams there is another win or two.

The real key now is winning the league over the next few seasons and reaping the CL rewards of that and targeting an automatic group spot for the Scottish champions. We are aways away from that, but that should be the target.