My Blue Room (small update)


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I've got another wee project on the go in there just now that should hopefully be done with in a month or so too. There's always something to tinker with.
So here we go. Boring stuff first...

There's a big load of mdf

and some black out fabric

With the mdf, a friend kindly offered to drill 900 x 1mm holes in. Thank goodness I subbed that part of the work out or I reckon I'd have given up on this after about 5 minutes.

The wife gave me a hand with this bit using fabric scissors and a staple gun...



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Then it was a case of poking 900 LEDs through the mdf, and out of the fabric on the rear side and glueing each individual one together

Light source on and tested...

First panel up...

Second panel up...



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That's a nice addition, looks smart
Cheers (and thanks to everyone else for the nice comments as well)

It's something that I really wanted to do since I got the place habitable but it just took a bit longer to get it all sorted than I thought it might.

I'm really happy with it.