My Gers Training Session


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Might have been more - the top tier of the govan was open but I don't know how many people were there. Did see some of the players waving up so that might have been for friends and family.


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Yes - Patterson trained. It was a really good event. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Well done to the club for organising. Good to get the interviews as well with Durrant, Gerrard, McAllister, Defoe, Tav
Were they at the end? I left after 2 hours as wee one had enough

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Took my 2 kids (8&6) and they enjoyed it. Free scarves and Tav masks went down well with them. Decent interviews with Boyd, Durrant, 2 women's players, Kamara, Davis, mcallister, Gerrard, Tav and Defoe.

The session itself was a warm up then some games in pairs before 8 v 8 with 3 floating attackers who went to whoever had the ball.

They then played 11 aside on a half pitch. Morelos scored and played to the crowd with his celebration.

The boy mccann from Ireland looks decent. Leon King did well as well I thought. Defoe is still the best finisher at the club!

Everyone bar Roofe was back which was pleasing.

The way the players were announced onto the pitch was excellent and having the league trophy on show was a nice touch.

Great to see broxi back as well!

I think the crowd photos will suggest less people were there than there actually were. The concourse was busy and families were arriving late / leaving early.

It was a great idea well executed by the club.


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Did you go ?
I think that turnout is decent all things considered
I work in an office in London, so no i didn't make it today. As usual I will be flying up tomorrow night for Saturday's game though.

I had expected a lot more to attend today in all honesty.


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School holidays in Scotland though I believe?
But a lot of people would have already booked holidays if they were going away before the date was announced. Hopefully there’s a bit more notice for the next one so I can get time off work booked.


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Thought that was a cracking wee experience.
Was my wee girls first time inside Ibrox and she was absolutely bouncing when Alfredo got announced.
Definitely think it was busier than that photo, the concourse had a few Wee things on and was busy throughout
Great to hear the wee one enjoyed it. Brilliant stuff.


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Worth noting folk were leaving after on hour etc. It defo seemed busier than that photo.

Bit annoying tickets couldn't be purchased by non mygers members. I would have took my son & know plenty who would have toon their kids.

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