Name one Scottish Player that wish pulled on a Rangers jersey


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No idea if he was THAT good because well before my time, but surprised to not see Murdo MacLeod? Was he not meant to be a similar story to Dalglish regards to being a Rangers fan with players on the walls etc?

Very, very slim pickings in recent years. James McArthur and after that I'm struggling.


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Wish we had signed Andy Gray a few years earlier. He was 33 when he signed and past it by then. Would have gone through walls for us.
Other Everton connection, Graham Sharp would have been a great striker for us.


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Hamish Balfour. What a combination that could've been. Hot Shot and The Hammer in the same team.

Dalglish is the obvious answer. Would like to have seen John Collins signing. Think he would have been an excellent player for us in the nineties.


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John collins. Always thought he was an excellent player and wouldn't have looked out of place in the 9 in a row midfield

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I heard Rangers tried to get Miller to sign for us in the 80’s, but by that time he had too family ties and business interests in Aberdeen and it was a non starter.
I think if Ferguson was still manager at the time he would have basically been bullied into staying,also pre Souness we just didn't pay the wages to attract a player like Miller.
The David Robertson Si Ferry interview on youtube is a bit of an eyeopener as to the power Ferguson had over the Aberdeeen players in terms of contract negotiations.


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A few mentions for Gordon McQueen and Kenny Burns in the thread. Burns definitely had at least one trial game and was sent off, so no further interest. Pretty sure there was some link with McQueen too.


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I meant when he left Dundee to go to Chelsea, Baxter is meant to have begged the Rangers board of the time to sign him.
Didn’t know that. I loved Cooke. Thought he was better than Best (I was wrong).
Willie Miller was the next biggest regret.
And (seriously) Charlie Nicholas. I was more pleased when he left Them than I was when Dalgleish left