Nathan Patterson - Outstanding


Fantastic performance tonight. I would love us to bring through a few youngsters each season its been something we have done few and far between


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Thought he was decent and no more if I’m honest but ultimately the boy has a masssive future ahead

very athletic although I thought he could have been braver on the ball

that said borna didn’t particularly outshine him


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He doesn't just a good engine and a lot of pace he more importantly has great game intelligence and will only get better.

Obviously Tav is going to be almost impossible to dislodge but the emergence of Patterson should keep him on his toes if nothing else.


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Boys got bags of talent. There was a moment in the second half where he read the game superbly to stop a corner despite having to race to left back. Definitely raw made a few soft passes in good areas but I imagine very coachable
Looked as though he’s been playing there all season. Livingston constantly targeted him with high balls and he won them all. Outstanding performance

True Blue

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He had an excellent game, love his pace and confidence to drive into the opposition box, looks like he's learning so much from Tav.


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I have seen mention of him playing for Scotland dismissed out of hand.
However, I think that there isn't anything better out there.
Patterson will play for Scotland, it is only a matter of time.


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Look at his reaction to the goal
Brings a tear to the eye.
It's good to see and like you, I'm
delighted for him.

I never thought he was giving the club a f**k you, which was implied. I'm more than absolutely convinced this was more of an honest misunderstanding of covid rules.


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A measured performance that saw defending as the priority. His pace is so important - one in the 2nd half he came behind Goldson to clear up.

Euro Scooter

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Didn’t realise the lad was so quick. The burst to prevent the corner in the second half was like Usian Bolt!

He had a very disciplined performance tonight and his awareness of having the space to go after that ball was a great sign of his reading of the game.


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I thought he looked great. I had it between him and Steve Davis for a an of the match. I went for Steve Davis, only just. I think Nathan has he has a great future
Living all our dreams. Thought he was superb. We've just got to accept since he is a young kid he will have a bad game or 2 eventually and notnti over react. Great future.


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Was outstanding the second half . The boys got some turn of pace on him and he seems to be great at crossing the ball . If he keeps playing like this then I won’t be as worried if tav was to be sold


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It's good to see and like you, I'm
delighted for him.

I never thought he was giving the club a f**k you, which was implied. I'm more than absolutely convinced this was more of an honest misunderstanding of covid rules.
Implied by morons mate.
Guy is going to be a top player for us


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I don't view him through the lens of a "youngster'.

Just see him as a first team player, he has that assuredness about him that makes him a genuinely good player at this level.


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Once again the young lad had a superb game assured in his possession as well as mopping up silly back passes by his teammates.

The no nonsense shielding of the ball as he time and again bought space for himself then releasing more than a few cracking balls over the top to a forward or just getting shot of the danger .

Excellent performance since his comeback the Kent's,Kamaras & Aribos would do well to note this kind of approach rather than dwell on the ball .

Taverniers got some work to do B-D


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Felt he could've been more of an outlet by beating his man and running into the space at times but I'm maybe being too picky. He hasn't put a foot wrong so far.


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Quietly effective rather than outstanding.

Defensively he was sound and always made himself available in an attacking sense.

Very encouraging

erskine bear

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Very good performance, variety to his play as well whether it be coming inside or going on the outside.

Something his mate Maxwell at QOTS has a lot of too.


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We didn’t use his threat enough. Connor should have used him more. He is rapid.
if he gets in the team on a run I predict a bid for him. He will be a top footballer.

Chris the Bandito

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He's looked really good going forward any time I've seen him in the past couple of years but his defending looks like it's come along a treat.

He doesn't look like a youngster making rash decisions - he's been very disciplined and positionally he hasn't been a yard out of place yet.

Galstonian Blue

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What a difference a year makes.

Last year v Stranraer on the cup he looked very much like a talented wee boy. The past week he plays like a man


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His mood a couple of weeks ago must have been lower than a snakes belly !! Now he must be brimming with adrenaline after that win and result. He reminds me of Alan Hutton in every way at that age