Neil Lennon on BBC Radio 5 Live - Discussing the state of the Them


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I think he might be going down the Craig Levein route, he was doing co commentary during the Euros and they were discussing a player Man City signed for £5mil but never played, Neic said “must be nice to be able to sign a player for that amount for the bench”!! I had a chuckle thinking how much was that keeper you didn’t play?
Ajeti cost £5m to did he not?


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Good on you Neil, your efforts last year will never be forgotten.
Njoy your next gig at Killie, Ross County, Partick, Morton, Crusaders or St. Pat's.

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He was quick to accept the plaudits when they won league titles in our absence, and loved the admiration when his team won a dodgy vote to give them 8:75. Take responsibility Niec, you blew Terry Munro, and it will haunt you for the rest of your days. Hated by your fans who now realise the sycophantic drivel written by the media was so far from the reality of your team, yes , your team. Goodbye Niec, enjoy obscurity.


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"Right...the thing about Pos.... Poster...err..Ange..."
Never knew he was pals with Mr Tumble.


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Radio Scotland sport is a nightmare for not having an easy-to-access function. 5 Live is easy, though. Here you go:

For those only wanting to listen to the wife beating, terrorist supporting, alkie loser he pipes up about about minute 13.


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Never thought I would say this, and I am conscious of how I word this, but I have enjoyed (?) his shtick since leaving them, he is very much going out his way to %^*& them off, it is incredibly pleasing to watch

His after dinner speech tours with them are in the gutter, which is apt given he looks like he could live in one
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They can't seem to make up their tiny minds about Neic. One minute they're 'all Neic Lennon' and he's the epitome of the poor downtrodden kafflick permanently taking it on the chin from the big bad proddies, the next minute he's the vile rancid moron who caused their colossal downfall.

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The tramp clearly thinks that he was made the scapegoat for last seasons failures and shows zero self awareness because he was the main reason. A nasty, repugnant and classless individual who would cause a fight in an empty house.


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Is this the same BBC that told anyone who would listen that his Celtc team were still far an away the pyoor bestest team in the league?
Media gaslighting with regards to sellik lies used to bother me but they’ve dug a hole for themselves.

Bbc - “sellik are great, best team in the country”
Rhat fans - “how come we haven’t won the league we’re great”
Bbc - “players sold for gazillions”
Rhats - “we’ve sold for gazillions how come we’re penny pinching and signing shite frees?”
Bbc -“ Rangers players average a score of 3 in player ratings after hammering sellik 4-1”
Rhats - “Rangers are shite”

it goes on and on.