New Castore Purchases Since Announcement

Thasunke Witko

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Yeh I too had a look at their golf stuff but think it is very pricey but that’s not to say I might not peaked a purchase to see what their gear is like

Valley Bluenose

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I'd like one of the waterproof hoodies. Helluva price though at £165. That 20% off code makes it tempting right enough.

Size guide available on the link for anyone else contemplating it:



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Bought stuff prior to today's announcement.

Medium, fits like a glove, good quality gear (not played golf in it yet though).

Came with DHL or UPS (can't remember which of the two courier) and next day.

Slim Jim

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Club 1872 welcomes dialogue with Castore
Club 1872 is delighted to welcome the new Rangers Kit and Retail Partner, Castore, in advance of season 2020/21. The multi year deal represents a huge step forward for Rangers commercially and also for our supporters, who have historically backed the club in huge numbers through retail activities.
Club 1872 held very productive discussions with the co-founder of Castore, Tom Beahon in which he laid out their plans to work with both Rangers and the Rangers support to produce a retail and kit offering that we can be proud of and to rebuild supporter confidence in the retail operations of the club.
We made Castore aware of the huge appetite from Rangers supporters for a trustworthy retail partner dedicated to improving the quality and availability of Rangers merchandise throughout the world. This dialogue was also a first opportunity for us to discuss historic issues around availability of Rangers kit across the world and more recently in the UK. We were very encouraged by Castore’s attitude not only towards their partnership with Rangers but also their willingness to work with the Rangers support and deliver quality service through improved presence at Ibrox Stadium and online.
Club 1872 has agreed to work closely with Castore on their fan engagement activities throughout the coming season and beyond and we look forward to that commencing as soon as is practical under the current circumstances.
This is clearly an innovative and forward thinking partnership which can deliver huge benefit to the Rangers support and the club over the period of the deal.


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I think I'll save my dough for the strips.

Cant justify paying £70 for a tshirt or £100+ for a zipper.. as smart as they are.


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Just had a look on there website,,,i wonder if they realise what kind of tidal wave of demand is gonna hit them :p . Will be an exciting time for them too...


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Had a nosey and their stuff looks classy, might be present requests though as can't justify the price at this moment.


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Some of their t-shirts have XXL listed - but mostly out of stock. Don't see it listed for the hoodies and jackets though.

I'm sure they will realise their target market is shifting away from 'athletes' with this move.;)

Certainly hope so as I was struggling with things I liked in a medium. I suspect that this deal could be a major win/win situation. Maybe they have already started manufacturing our kit and that's why the general stock levels are a bit low. :cool:

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