New Chelsea strip from Nike Air Max Club

Big Hepy

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Chelsea’s is the 180 Air from around 1991

Dirt magnets those things were.

Gibraltar Loyal

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Love them or loathe them, these will sell. A lot of folks collect striops and these will be much sought after. Concept srios are an additional income stream and our retro strip is similar idea


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I quite like the Chelsea one, but I don't really understand what it's for. Have Nike designed a top for fans that resemble Nike classic trainers? If so we are lucky they don't do that with some of the horrors that people post in the lounge on the occasional trainer thread.


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So this is Nike's answer to Adidas' humanrace kits? both just a gimmick, not sure why they bother. I'm they'll sell a few, but at £70 I don't it'll be many.

erskine bear

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It undoubtedly is among people who like to follow the crowd.

My opinion is I find people who complain about sponsors boring.
Which is fair enough, no need to quote me to tell me my opinion is boring though.

It was hardly a “everything was better in my day” post & I’m on record saying I’m glad Rangers are getting as much money via sponsors as possible.