New contracts.

Gordy Boy

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Off the top of my head we have Tav, Goldson, Davis, McGregor, Balogun and Defoe with their deals up.

Maybe not all at the same time but they'll need to be renewed.

I just hope it's a case of the league being tied up and then us announcing a clean sweep of renewals (Defoe is questionable) but would have JD around in some capacity.


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There's also a fair few players who'll have 2 years left and hopefully extensions can also be agreed to ensure we are in a strong position should other clubs come calling. Kent, Aribo, Kamara and Alfie I'm sure all fall into this category.


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I reckon it’ll all get sorted once the leagues won or at the end of the season. Said on here before the players will have league win bonuses, europa league bonuses etc tied in and if they’re going to be in the champs league next season they are probably due a bit more in the wages.

If the players got told they’d get new improved contracts if they win the league, and our mantra is one game at a time, then we can’t go giving out contracts just yet saying well we’ve basically won it now anyway. I reckon it’ll all get done within the next few months.