New Heart and Hand Podcast available - The Bain of My Life


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Another cracking podcast from the guys ,I was out for my walk today and listened to the Time Capsule Only Fools one .I felt a right dick walking along the street laughing out loud when the best of Trigger came on Keep them coming lads

Same happened to me at the weekend. There's hardly anyone out, but when the Trigger clips came on just when a guy was walking past me and a woman was sitting at her front door with her kid. Must have thought I was mental. :)) :))


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I remember Bain was the chargehand at the pub, John Street Jam around about 1989 / early 90s

he was also a part time male model and generally a good looking guy

you could tell a mile off he was up his own arse and had a disdain towards everyone else. Went about as if he was a superstar


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Bain does not come across as a decent person at all - how did he ever manage to get into that position with Rangers?


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Hi all, Martyn (our one) spoke to me about my impressions of our former CEO Martin Bain, currently wowing the crowds on Netflix's Sunderland documentary. Having had many dealings with him over five years at the Rangers Supporters Trust, this is what I gleaned about the former model.

If this guy was chocolate he would have eaten himself years ago!
Murray's poodle.
This guy was and by all accounts still is being a complete 'Three Card Trick'.
Sorry but he doesn't warrant this podcast.Or any podcast.
A part of Rangers history that would be better erased.

Reminds me of this tool...
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That’s not really how it works. He is a part of Rangers history, like it or not.

What you guys did was completely valid.
Just not for me.
I and am sure many others have stories about Mr Bain.Unfortunately very few good, as far as I remember.
But you are quite correct. He is part of our history.
Just not a part I personally care to remember.
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I've listened a few times. I think David is way to hypercritical of himself. David the very fact your personality was as strong as it was and its advantages, that you now perceive as failings, was the reason you exploded the critic of Murray and raised the RST profile so much. The regular Real Radio stuff was astonishing. Imagine that in the current climate?

You are human not perfect, we clashed heavily on the we deserve better campaign at the time but although I lost the plot with how it was being presented, it never detracted away from all good being done.

I was really disappointed the way Bain engaged with you in Starbucks. Baldy prick. I really wanted to know if he was humbled at what came to pass. That him and others in the RST who ended up on RM at the time waging a Murray PR cocksocket approach, ever apologised that they got it spectacularly wrong.

I'd have loved any insight into how Bain changed at the end when he 'went' against Murray re Whyte. I often wondered if what motivated him was losing his job rather than the well being of Rangers.
ffs spoiler alert!! :mad:


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Yep - fully understand m8. My perspective at the time was influenced by the breakaway group due to a friendship with one of those guys. In retrospect, DE and MD were correct.


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So it was Bain not Walter that pushed for McCoist to get the managers job, another situation he wasn't qualified for.

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Aye I know mate I just find the whole dynamic weird considering they sat on the board with each other for 10 years with feelings of mutual dislike between each other.

I’m sure King invested/was appointed a director round about 2000/2001.Im just curious as to which point during that decade the mural dislike started and I’m also surprised Murray didn’t find a way to remove him as a director.

I always thought King first fell out with Murray over the sale to Whyte in 2011 and the subsequent loss to King’s shares and investment when the club was saved by NewCo sale rather than CVA.
It was much earlier than that. The £20m that King invested was through a holding company that Murray also had shares in. Murray had (iirc) 51%, King 49%. So Murray controlled all the shares that were bought with King’s investment.

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So it was Bain not Walter that pushed for McCoist to get the managers job, another situation he wasn't qualified for.
i don't think so, think it was definitely Walter that pushed for Super

I think what @David Edgar was saying as Rangers MD he should have been a lot stronger in opposing the appointment.

But that's who Bain was. Someone who tried to be an alpha, until someone far bigger (Walter/Murray) came long and he turned into a weakling


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I won't post the Terry Tibbs video again, however the Bain thread on here nailed him.

As far as podders go, for me it's the Pareto principle, I listen to 80% of the content by about 20% of the podders, Martyn is always one of them.

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Great listen and insight yet again David, cheers for that. Bain seems like the type of guy that googles himself, so no doubt he's had a listen already!
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Listened to this the other day-brilliant stuff as always! Anyone that’s not listened to the Murray Years should seek it out-excellent series of podcasts.

Really enjoy this type of content-gives a little insight into the side of Rangers which most of us have never and will never experience. More content like this would certainly be most welcomed by myself at least!:))
Hear Hear excellent podcast

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I have subscribed on Patreon but can only see the podcasts fromm the last month or so. Is it not possible to listen to the earlier series?

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