New Home Top. Despatched.


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Ours are through. Sizing for my son’s one seems same as last season (he’s 2xlb) but as some people have suggested the adult ones seem a bit more trim. Last season’s medium one is fine on me, but the new one is definitely leaner.
Probably been covered already but is there other stockists other than the club that we can buy from? After JD Sports had them in last year a few folk got me gift vouchers for there and I was planning on using them for the new top this year


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Definitely tighter than the last one

I'm an L and 6 ft 2

Its snug and short on the length.

I'm a wee bit disappointed with the fit but love the shirt
Is it just me that’s not digging it? I love this years top and there just something about the lines coming down the front of the shoulders I really don’t like.

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