New penalty rules disaster


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Thing is “The Rules stink”
“Intentional handball “is the only sensible way to go.
That's also a huge grey area tho.

I think the new "natural silhouette" rule sounds about right. If your arms are in a natural position and the ball gets blootered off it from a yard away then no penalty. Everything else, you've got to give it imo.

I'm assuming the people saying Sissoko wasn't a penalty also didn't think our one at Pittodrie was? Where the big donkey McKenna has his arm up claiming for offside and the ball gets headed onto it?


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Whatever the pedantry of the rules do you really think we need more ambiguity in the penalty box , especially here in the land of the shit referee , trial by sportscene and no VAR .

In my opinion they are fucking with the rules for no particular reason
The new rule reduces the ambiguity though.

I’m not saying that will help Rangers much as the referees tend to throw the rule book out the window when it comes to us.