New Scotland strip


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That's pretty awful to be fair. It says something that the pattern on it isn't even the worst looking part, what's up with those sleeves?


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It’s not that bad, but Adidas have gone a bit off kilter with some of their new international shirts. Wales and Sweden look good but that’s it. Shame as they have had a few years of simple, classic designs which have been great.

Dbear 65

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Are the scum not going with adidas next season, giving us of a preview of sorts of ra poops new manky looking kit.


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That is truly awful. If there was ever a time for them to bring out a classic strip then this was it.


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The current home kit and walkout zipper are the only decent thing about the whole rancid set up . And now they’ve managed to Fck that up as well .


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You should get free copies of the Big Issue with them and the sleeves look as though it's got a white sloppy Joe hanging down what a dismal depressing excuse for a football top .
"The Sloppy Joseph" top :eek:.
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