New Scotland strip


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It’s a homage to the 1986 top, the ‘hoops’ might not be as pronounced when you see it for real.

Feck knows what the deal with the sleeves on these templates are


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Adidas have been shite for NI tops, I’d rather we went back to Umbro. I was surprised they could make one worse than the Wales effort, but it seems they have with Scotland.


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The top itself isn’t so bad, it’s just those wonky big blocks of colour on the cuffs that ruin it.

The current strip is probably the best Scotland kit since the ‘80s.

Keep it simple, that’s always my thinking.


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The mhanks will claim its red, white and blue :))
I quite like this nod to the Union Jack.

I like winding up the jacobite anti british fuckwits amongst us with Scotland play in Navy Blue as acknowledgement to the Union Jack when the official saltire shade of blue is a much lighter pantone 300 (NHS logo).

Just ask any of them what they would prefer. Stick with the Union Jack Navy Blue or adopt a lighter pantone 300 saltire blue (closer to Rangers blue).

Just torment them.