Nice Alfie compilation for your Sunday evening viewing


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He’s posted a picture on his Instagram earlier and looks like he’s out of quarantine. The buffalo is back!


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Brings so much to the team. We really missed him on Saturday, his movement and link up play. A player that has developed so much since he's worked with the current coaches.


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He is going to be very difficult to replace. Watching that, you can see why the likes of Porto would be very keen on him.


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Nice video, albeit one which does not feature some of his best goals in Europe.

Alfredo is a really complete stiker in my view.

In addition to smashing in great goals, his all-round play is excellent in my opinion.

For example, his hold-up play (which brings other players into the attack) is of a really high standard. His passing is also very good in my opinion.

One other aspect that I like about his game, which does not feature in the video too much, is his physical strength. He can bully entire back-lines by himself. Not a lot of players can do that. It makes him an intimidating prospect for even the most experienced of defenders. This final aspect of his game is why I think, when he eventually moves on (not this season I hope, but perhaps after a great Champions League campaign), he should move to England, where physical strength is appreciated, as opposed to a league such as Spain or Portugal, where he might be penalised when players inevitably throw themselves to the ground when faced with a physical challenge.
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Best all round striker since when? He surpasses Jelavic for me on longevity and big arse alone.

Alfie won't being going unless its a top 4 team in a top 6 European league for 20m+.


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Who dafuq are behind Transfermrkt? £12m?

Was going to say either Delboy Trotter or CoopBlue but that’d be more in the £7-8m range.

What a player Morelos is, a strange one too in that I’ve never before seen such a good player at the club whom a small portion of the support are just determined to tear down.


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A fantastic footballer and when he and Kent are on their game they've got to be a handful for any defence.