Nick Walsh...


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Each to their own opinion. Other than Clancy, I believe no referee has an agenda against us. They just absolutely fvcking rotten the lot of them.

As Drum said above, we’ve managed some right crackpots in Europe too. Let’s hope that’s not the case come Tuesday.
People claim we’re being done when we’re in Europe too. It’s a bit mad.

Dr Steve Brule

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Muscles loves being the star of the show doesn’t he
This was it for me.

Not enough it was me, me, me when the game was stopped, he had to step in when the game was flowing to make it about him.

I wasn't even focussing on his performance, even though I should be, because he's such a self-important bellend.

I'll bet my house he has an annoying, nails on a chalkboard laugh as well.


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All the refs do Celtic and our opponents wee favours over the season, its not anything knew has been this way for a while.

He is a good ref, we dont have crap refs ive no idea where folk get that idea from, what they do is protect themselves from the media by doing a wee bit of rule bending at certain times ... like today when he was going to book the defender then thought hold on hes already got a yellow. If its our player then hes off.

Ted Rangers

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I think he is one, like Beaton, whi is so heavily criticised and called a cheat from the other side that he over thinks decisions for us.

His day job seems to be the only reason they think he cheats for us (and the photoshop of him in a Rangers kit).


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Kind of thing that VAR is set up for hopefully.
The push on matondo followed by the back pass Id need to see again but in real time its a penalty, then if hes not given it and allowed play to continue the defenders passes it back to the goalie who picks it up. Walsh waving play on.

Aye ok Nick.


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It didn’t influence the result, but how do they get 2 minutes of injury time at the end of the first half? There was a St J player down for 90 seconds, he then got substituted (30 seconds?), a 2 minutes water break, another St J player down, Scott Wright down and a bit of time wasting. There should easily have been 5+ minute of injury time. Sure it was hot and the players might have been happy to go in at HT. But it shouldn’t be for the officials to decide just to shorten a game. Instead they should be adding the time and applying the rules.

Ünnëcëssärÿ Ümläüts

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I think the standard of refereeing in Scotland is terrible for all teams but his Ego in particular is out of control!

An absolute PONCE of a man!

Here’s him in the pub tonight!



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Is a crap referee with small man syndrome. Everything has to be about him.
Main stand side linesman was atrocious too.
Pair of cheating bastards.


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Could have been a penalty on Colak

The second yellow for Montgomery

Keeper with the ball outside his box

Getting in the way of play for them, very poor positioning

St. Johnstone player was protecting the ball on the deck and we should have got the foul

Not the worst today but not the greatest either.


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These constant accusations about every ref being a cheat are embarrassing.
I think if it was Celtic at the piggery attacking, or one of our players on a card, he would have just given the 2nd yellow... cheat maybe is a bit strong right enough as hes always been quite fair with Rangers.

Wait till they get hold of VAR though even referee protection will be on here asking questions about their decisions and asking is it cheating ?


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Thought he was poor but overall ok. I’m not seeing the open assaults I usually see from other teams so I’m wondering if knowing var is coming has reigned them in a bit.
I haven't seen it back yet but was the one on Jack as bad as I thought? Looked a red to me