Nicky Walker takes over the reigns of family shortbread business


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He wasn't a bad keeper, Chris Woods was a huge step up in ability though. Can only wish him well. Once a Ranger...
I was at the Tottenham match down there and our goalkeeper made a fantastic save first half at the other end. I remember turning to the guy next to me and saying how good it was to have a great goalkeeper like Woods.
Except it wasn’t Woods it was Walker :))


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Certainly not as bad for the shortbread industry compared to Ally being put in charge of Maxwell House. There'd be coffee grounds everywhere.
Someone had to mention him,1 nil up then two fvck ups in the last minutes at home against the rattlers ruined a weekend for me.


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Done a real decent job in the 88/89 season when Woods was out injured for a few months. He was in the Euro 96 squad as backup to Goram and Sullivan as he was the Partick Thistle no 1 at the time.