No further action on the morelos challenge


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Murdoch Macclellan will personally congratulate Clancy on the work against the team they both hate.
Corrupt Scottish Football, nothing more nothing less.
Rangers need to speak out, we can't have this cheat officiating the upcoming Old Firm game.
A couple of weeks ago this crook booked Itten for falling over.
Yep and 3 refs could not make up their minds, apart from Lieswell name the other 2 refs involved in this decision.


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A lot of folk saying similar to Jacks at Aberdeen and I kind of get that, however Jack kicked through the ball and caught the lad on the shin, this challenge caught Alfies thigh FFS after going for a tackle with ball on the ground, not in the air, thats fkin ridiculous to be honest

No surprise though

Dave Angell

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Happened many times before and will happen again as long as the manager and board say nothing.

Gerrard came right out on day one of his first league game and tore into Clancy & the match officials for the Morelos red card at Aberdeen.

Predictably he was sneered at by the resident yahoos in the Scottish media, who wanted the book thrown at him.

Whether it was that reaction that took him back, or the club had asked him to bite his tongue, I really don't know, because he has been very guarded, very cautious since then, and a lot more shitty decisions have gone against us since.

If it were up to me, I'd be urging him to be more vocal in what we're up against (and backed all the way by the club, that is crucial), because a Batman sized spotlight really needs to be shone on just how bent the game is up here, and I originally thought a guy like Gerrard would be someone who wouldn't tolerate an ounce of this shit.

Fat Larry White

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The media is full of "no intent", "touched the ball first".
I was under the impression neither of these are a factor in whether it was a reckless challenge. Until the referees and media actually know the rules, nothing will improve.


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Shocking, however the clubs silence on these doesn't help. We're a pushover, doesn't matter if decisions go against us we don't say a word

Killer Bob

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So if three referees could not agree .......this incident was referred to the Complaint Officer who passed judgement to a referee's committee?


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I'll wager the three former refs were unanimous that Ryan Jacks' was an obvious red card challenge.
As it's against Rangers and in particular, Alfredo then it's carry on chaps, we all know what's at stake this year after all.

We Are Rangers

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Whilst I’m not shocked or surprised, I think it’s evident the standard of officiating and decision making within Scottish football is beyond absurd.

Is there any other country on the planet where that “tackle” would be deemed acceptable?


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The precedent has been set then, our players can now go in showing studs so long as they play the ball?
Unfortunately it isn't, cause they will still be red carded. Even if it was reversed, it could have an impact on the actual game itself.


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I’m astonished they have come to the conclusion there was no endangerment to Alfie ffs hope the club say something about the referee’s not protecting our player’s because that’s what’s happening.


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Another product of the dignified silence approach. We will take it and move on, giving them Carte Blanche to do it time and time again


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We all talked about this season and what we thought was coming. The stall is well and truly set out now. If the management and the players do not adopt a siege mentality i will be more than disappointed in them. Let's do this Rangers and bring that title home.we can do this no matter what shi*e they throw our way.

Kilsyth Unionist

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I would love for morelos to do the same tackle on an opposition player lets say when we were 3 up.
Then create merry hell on what is dished out


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As per usual Rangers players are being treated differently from other clubs players

The Jack v Sheep being the case and also Greegsy v Sheep too funny enough

Both red carded

Video review after the game and surprise surprise the 3 ex refs decide no further action

We have demanded the club speak out to the press but as usual we say phuck all publicly which is shite
The club can speak out to the press all they want. That lot will just ridicule them.


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Someone will end up losing their playing career. As usual our silence enables this. Do you really think those bastards wouldn't have squeaked about this. Scunnered how easily we are rag dolled by all and sundry.

Grigo Yossarian

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The Jack incident and Morelos one need to be shown by Rangers and ask the CO what the difference is and seek clarification.
I would also be telling SPFL /SFA that if any of our players are seriously injured due to incompetent referees then we would be sueing them.
Its beyond a joke

Don’t forget that the Jack one was appealed GL, so the clear inference is that Collum got that right. Straight from the inner SFA.
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