Non Rangers moments from your youth that made you love football


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United coming back in injury time to win it in Barcelona in 99. Was just starting to love football properly then the pure excitement of them turning it around from disaster to one of the most incredibly moments in football.


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Just glad I grew up in the pre-corporate, pre-PC, pre-sanitized, pre-VAR era, when football was still a contact sport and raw emotion reigned supreme! Genuinely not sure I'd have the same passion I have for the game if I was getting into football as a youngster now, but as they've never known any different, who knows.

Loved the 1974 WC and as a youngster, anytime I was allowed to stay up late to watch midweek highlights, on the relatively rare occasions they were on, was a rare treat - particularly if a Vesta curry was thrown in.
Love this post for many reasons. I went to the World Cup in 1974 and loved Germany. We got there because my dad worked for the railway and had just qualified for free continental passes. He was a shunter/ordinary railman but because the passes were new and he was BR we got the best luxury travel. The games were also cheaper than Ibrox and you could stand near the front without being hit by a bottle.
Vesta used to do the only curries you could get - tiny wee bits of beef. Their big thing was rice and they also did rissotto. Last week I bought 2 packets of my favourite - paella with prawns - from Iceland. Han't had that in years because mostly they do a Chow Mein in major supermarkets and nothing else.


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Ronaldo v Lazio in the 98 UEFA cup final. Remember many a bruised knee from falling over trying to do his dummy with the keeper!

Football Italia in general. Loved Sunday afternoons watching Baggio, Weah, Del Piero, Signori, Batistuta and co.


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Belgium v USSR WC 1986.

Was unemployed at the time and stayed up to watch this match. It was on in the middle of the night. Best match I've ever seen, a WC classic. Belgium with Scifo, USSR with soon to be our very own Oleg Kutznetsov. No spoilers watch it on youtube. This match had everything. Like two boxers going toe-to-toe.

J J Burnel

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A bit of light hearted relief after the weekend.

What are your non Rangers related moments from your youth that made football magical for you?

A few stand out for me. I don't think I took much of an interest in football till I was maybe 7 or 8 so everything for me was 1993 or afterwards.

The 1994 World Cup, I literally couldn't sleep for excitement. I think I must have watched every single game in that and seeing all the big names of the time playing in those massive USA stadiums was fantastic. I wanted Brazil to win, and still remember seeing the Republic of Ireland beat Italy who were among the favourites and realising that the better team might not always win. The penalty shootout in the final had me on the edge of my seat.

I also remember following Arsenal in the Cup Winners Cup that year and being excited to watch the games every Thursday night even though the games were dire. I'm probably worng about this but felt like every Arsenal game in that competition seemed to finish with a 1-0 aggregate score.

The Champions League that year was great too, only seen a handful of the games but remember AC Milan winning the final 4-0 and hoping George Weah might be at Rangers the next year! If I recall correctly, we got knocked out by AEK Athens in the 1st round that year, I remember reading the Rangers News article and there was an interview there with Davie Robertson where he was basically calling AEK a bunch of hacking bassas. 1996 was absolute magic too, watching probably the best Juventus team in history steamroller everyone in their path (us included sadly)

Euro 96 stands out too. I remember going to my uncle Jim's for the England-Scotland game. Was one of those magic moments in life of "Go and get yourself a wee beer from the fridge son, just don't tell yer mum". Tasted effing rank but I finished it. Genuinely thought at half time that Scotland would be winning and was gutted when we lost, but that goal from Gazza...sublime. I remember my uncle saying "Andy will biff him when they get back to training after that!".

Genuinely thought England would win it that year, best England team I can remember.

I could be here for a fortnight writing this!
MOTD during the 70's when Liverpool had played at home on the Saturday afternoon. Loved watching Steve Heighway in these games, particularly when Liverpool were attacking the Kop end.

Heighway on one of his runs down the left wing as the Kop went into full sway mode was magical.


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Gazza lobbing hendry and scoring that peach at euro 96.
Just about all 10 Turkish outfield players chasing denilson into the corner flag at wc 2002 purely for comedy value.


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Czechoslovakia v West Germany 1976.

A live game on a Sunday night! 90 minutes of football, extra time then penalties. And Panenka.

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2002 World Cup watching Brazil and Ronaldo. Ronaldo winning the final with 2 goals.

Also the performance of Ronaldo away to Man Utd in 2003, scored a brilliant hat trick. Theres a video of it on YouTube.


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Not so much a moment for me, as everything from my youth has been covered above.

But just the Football Italia programme in general on Channel 4. It gave me hero's outwith the Scottish game... Guys like Maldini, Baresi, Baggio, Batistuta etc


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Little bits & pieces of the 1980s... Brazil & Italy being exciting to watch in the 82 World Cup, Dave Narey’s goal against Brazil, Keith Houchen’s header, the emergence of Gascoigne.

Italy 90 and Euro 96 in England were superb tournaments.

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1970 World Cup, that Brazilian team made me plead for a Brazil strip for my xmas that year. That Gordon Banks save from Pele.
The 1973 German team that would go on a year later to win the World Cup Gerd Muller in particular.
The 1970’s Leeds Utd team stuffed with Scots, plus Alan Clarke, Mick Jones and who are still my English team today.
Edit: just read thro this thread a lot of older Bears have similar thoughts that makes me happy


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i can remember being in primary school all happy at dundee utd beating barcelona then being gutted at them losing to gothenberg.


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I was 10 at the time so already football daft
But Michael Owens goal against Argentina always sticks with me


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i can remember being in primary school all happy at dundee utd beating barcelona then being gutted at them losing to gothenberg.
As a kid utds run to the final was great to watch.

Wanted then to win it and the ironic thing was they had beaten much better teams than gothenberg to reach the final.

These days im happy to see utd lose every game they ever play until the end of time.

And beyond.


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2006 world cup was the first I can remember very clearly. 2002 I can remember bits of it but 2006 was the main one for me. Literally ran home from school to watch it.

Another one that stands out although it wasn't really my youth but the South Africa goal in 2010 was an iconic moment for football.


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Euro 96 for me what a tournament was actually wanting England to win it because of Gazza

Always mind Davor Suker scoring an absolute screamer of a chip as well as McCoist's and Gazza's goals


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USA 94 for me. An utterly outstanding World Cup, final aside. So many stories and sub plots along the way. We didn't get much European football on the telly back then and the EPL at the time was standard, so to see all these talents was great.

Bob Belcher

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Gary McAllister missing a penalty and immediately Gazza went up the other end, chipped the ball over Colin Hendry and volleyed home. My parents weren't really interested in football but we watched that game that moment of magic was essentially the catalyst for me becoming a Rangers fan.

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Anytime watching Pelé with Brazil, Baxter's keepy-uppy at Wembley, the Peru free-kick in 1970 WC, Ernie Hunt's free-kick for Coventry (also 1970), the first time I saw Cruyff's turn . . . too many things to mention really.


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World Cup 1998 is probably one of my best moments. We were at youth camp when Holland - Brazil played and being Belgians obviously rooted for the Brazilians ;)

The amount of world class players on show that day was incredible and it was such a great game too.
Apart from that it's probably mostly stuff from my local club Antwerp.


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The Banks save and Brazil, in the 1970 World Cup

Cruyff and Holland in the 1974 World Cup


All the Home International matches. I used to love games v England in particular. It really was special in those days when the old Hampden was absolutely packed and the entire nation was united, unlike the divided SNP Scotland these days.

Grandstand tickertape on a Saturday afternoon and MoTD
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Brazil v Italy 1982 World Cup in Spain. Fantastic game of football.
Scotland beating England at Wembley in 1977 followed by a joyous pitch invasion.


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For some reason Ireland beating Italy in USA '94 always stands out for me.
my cousin born in govan but lived in Rio/|Florida and Singapore his whole life.In 94 my grandpa died so came over for the funeral but my dad was able to get two extra tickets about an hour before kick off at the new years day 4-2 horsing of the tarrier at the piggery, his first ever soccer game.

That summer in the states, he gets tickets for the italy/ireland match and goes in his naivety in his rangers top. Not one person was brave enough to tell him it was a bit foolish so instead he was spat on but hundreds of tarriers, no punches, no chat, no one willing to man up face to face with him just dirty tarrier grog.


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was 13/14 when liverpool won the european cup against AC , started off wanting AC to win that night as i didn't really like liverpool but by the end of the night i was wanting them to win. sensational 6 mins from 3-0 to 3-3


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Cameroon and Roger Milla in 1990.

Then Romania and Hagi in 1994.
Nearly exactly what I was gonna post. Except was just really Italia 90 in general (I was only 9). I got right into the whole Romania thing. Loved that team. Especially Hagi.