[Northern Echo] Middlesbrough, Blackburn & Stoke after Jones.


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1.5mil we should be asking for nothing less and with a few add ins that could boost it up to 3mil Mark he is an international player and off 3 clubs are in then it's not out with 1 of there budgets
£3m hahahahaha I'll have what you're smoking


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If a few clubs down there are keen, I hope we won’t be a soft touch and push for as much as we can rinse out of them. He might actually do ok down there if he screws the nut - will be really disheartening if he does and we give him away for buttons.


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£3m hahahahaha I'll have what you're smoking
1.5 I said but with add ins in case he goes down there and rips it up for a season and gets said club promoted hardly unrealistic just they way we should be doing buisness. You want us to punt him for pennies he has a great season stoke get promoted to EPL and we will have threads probably by yourself saying we got ripped off.


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So apparently three clubs are competing for him but some posters think that means the price goes down?
Talk about fixed mindset?
Like you I don’t get the mindset here , I think most would agree about moving him on but three Championship clubs and people are under totally underselling him.


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Guarantee he goes down there and gets a big move for millions a la Waghorn.
Highly doubtful for a player who essentially relys on his pace with no end product.

Jones is a very limited player and anything we get for him is a bonus.

Poor player.

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Frankly if you have 3 championship teams interested in him the fee of £1.5m should not be excessive. He is an international and in his mid twenties. Will Griggs went to Sunderland ,in a lower division , last season for around £4 m. He is also older ,we should not under sell our players.


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Looking at the positives here...

- signed on a free
- contributed to securing Europa League football last season (goal vs. Midtjylland, vital assist vs. Legia) and the financial boost that went with that
- being sold for a circa. £500k fee + whatever sell-on we can arrange (if any)

... I'd say Jones is far from the worst signing in our recent history.

Granted, his 12 months here have been incredibly disappointing, but he simply doesn't fit the way we play outside of European competition. In a league like the Championship he will do just fine. I'm happy to take the profit and move on with this one.