Northern Ireland 1 England 0 2005


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Kick off 7:45.

There’s a programme on now with Davis, Healy, Maik Taylor and Aaron Hughes watching it back, think it was on a few years back.

Interview with Davis before the game too.


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One of those half dozen or so truly momentous sporting evenings. It was almost 2-0 through Warren Feeney at the very end. Interstingly, when they went a goal down, Eriksson tried to save things by substituting Gerrard with Defoe . . . .
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Our seats were north stand upper had a cracking view of the goal from behind. Never heard a roar like that before. I remember Rooney acting a lady's front bottom as well


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Watched it in spain with loads of NI bears. Great night. Did David Beckham walk around Windsor park applauding the NI fans that night?


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What a night it was. Got the programme autographed by the team after the game plus anybody else we saw - Billy Bingham, Alan Mcdonald, even journalists like Jeff Powell. Henry Winter and Martin Samuel IIRC I think it was Samuel or maybe Steve Howard who we asked what's tomorrow's headline and the answer was "F**k off back to Sweden you c**t!!" We ended up on the pitch reliving the goal before leaving WP at 12.30. Got home at 1.30 and had just missed the rerun! Wrighty was up above us in the Kop and may not have been amused at the stick he got particularly my frequent use of the V sign. Remember him gobsmacked as the Kop gave the band a standing ovation as they marched round before the game. Hats off to David Beckham who, despite his disappointment, took time to sign autographs for anyone who wanted them before getting on the coach. Touch of class from the captain unlike Rooney who returned the favour on behalf of Wrighty! Best atmosphere ever for me following NI and unbelievable it is 15 years ago.


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These games were special as they were all broadcast on bbc1 NI so everyone could see them. Brought a great togetherness to our country at the time.

Same when champions league was on ITV. Poor kids these days missing out on free to air football.


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Actually I thought the next campaign was better including his hat trick against Spain.
He was world class at international level in that campaign, no question. Finishing absolutely top drawer he was smashing them in from anywhere. Pulled on that shirt and he was a different player to club level.

13 goals in a qualifying campaign still the record.