Not conceded a goal from a corner all season?


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I'd wonder how many corners we've conceded this season in the league?
What with an average of 1 in 50 being a goal allegedly.
The 1 in 50 also means we should be scoring 1 every 5 games.
How does that measure up stats wise?


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Tremendous stat. A long way away from the times under Warburton when anytime another team got a corner you were expecting them to score from it.


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Regardless of the stats it is clear we are a well drilled team in all areas. Hats off to management team for that.


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What a difference Gerrard has made to our defence. 11 goals conceded in 20 games is impressive, especially compared to where we were a few seasons ago.
4 of they goaks Lost against them and the sheep in two games

so 7 in 18


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Well that’s that jinxed!!

I still get nervous at corners, probably because until very recently we had a habit of looking like absolute bomb scares at them. I guess it takes time to get over that given how long we had a shaky back four.