Official club statement. - implications of the Coronavirus pandemic


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I take that the wage deferral is in place of a reduction in Salary, therefore those that do take the deferral will in the long term not loose a penny. With the lost income for RFC our finances are still going to take a hit. What may? Just help us out is any players going out for a reasonable transfer fee. A reduction in salary would probably helped us better.


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It's a sensible move, announced in a professional manner.

A voluntary pay cut offer from our players and high-earning staff would have been excellent but hey ho.

As for the move to furlough 'normal' employees, I'd say we should all be grateful for the govt assitance. We are far from cash rich and we don't reside in the land og milk and honey that is the EPL. The club are doing the right thing within its means, to apply the 'top up' for the furlough staff.

Cash is king and there's nothing coming in just now.


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Knew it was coming but well done to the playing and coaching staff taking a wage referral and to us topping up the payments so other staff are on 100% wage.

More important things to worry about but I am happy we have made a clear statement and the players are playing their part to help the club


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The players can never do enough for some.

I tend to look at this a different way. We’re constantly told we’re going bust by them, yet our players obviously have confidence in our ability to survive if they will take a deferment, as they must have assurance they will be paid at the other end.

That won’t fit the media narrative though.


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One key thing to remember is this will prevent the club needing to ask fans for ST money at a time where a lot of people can’t afford it


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I see alot of criticism on social media for this decision. i really can’t see the problems here? everyone will need to furlough staff at some point, they players & management are not taking wages for 3 months - 3 months! - so our lower paid staff won’t lose a penny. the players will then get their money when all this blows over. in the end, no-one loses. surely that shows how well our club is being run financially?


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Very professional
Happy with that

Got a first meeting at my work tomorrow to discuss how we get through this financially, doubt it will be by mutual consent


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Happy to see players, management and directors defer wages in order to help those that need the money more than they do at this difficult time.

Well done Rangers and some nice words from Tavernier at the end of the statement too.


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Not going to be a hypocrite, I didn't want us to use the furlough scheme, however we're not exactly rolling in cash and at least the players are making a temporary sacrifice to help out.


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Expect the Scottish media to sharpen their knives now.
The stories have been written since the Furlough scheme was announced by the chancellor.

We've already seen examples of "alleged" agreements on player and management releases if this continues past 3 months.

This is the time where it is absolutely necessary for the club to destroy any hack who writes anything that cannot be evidenced.