Officially Free of Sports Direct


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Hopefully this is the case and we don't get another boot in the baws from him 6 months down the line.
Relax mate, remember a couple years back when the Hummel kits were released and the Gers store online went live there was not a peep from the club about it?

The club have been very vocal about this launch, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t have been if the fat man was still involved.
I have NEVER wished ill health on anyone and still don't but it looks like things are going very wrong for the wee creep with the Newcastle deal collapsing so hopefully his little empire continues to fail on a daily basis.


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Good to see the back of the slug.
To mark the advent of freedom Rangers should park a skip outside the store to accept donations from any supporters who find any SD trash (carrier bags, mugs etc) at the back of a cupboard or in the loft.


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The fact that no one has answered the question relating to there being no more court cases makes me worry. Clearly nobody knows, so I just hope the celebrations aren't premature.