Officials for Wolfsburg game, has there ever been a worse group


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Everyone guilty of multiple offences against Rangers except Kavanagh. Maybe they are schooling him (poisoning his brain) in case he is needed for VAR if it comes to scotshit football.


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Collum won't condone WWF 'tackles' in this game, nor will he send someone off for celebrating a goal or ignore time-wasting from one team whilst punishing it for the other.
Run with the hares, Willie.


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Bye bye Malmo
Swedes wear blue, Germans in Green. Malmo be lucky to finish with 9 men on the pitch and will have a number of good goals chalked off.

Steve Snedden

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It almost confirms my 3 decrepit Fenians' with a TV and a caravan theory regarding the implementation of VAR in Scotland.

Henry Hill

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Be very interesting to see how they do referee it though
What type of challenges are fouls/not given
What constitutes a yellow etc