Old Boys of the Brigade

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246th Fernhill and Cathkin. Junior Section the Seniors. Camping, 2 years on the bounce, in a sodden field outside Campbeltown.
Proud to serve.
I should have mentioned: A (relatively) famous former member,the late Steven Campbell, artist....

Also did the artwork for Sting's Soul Cages album.





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3rd Belfast my brother is in his 42nd year as a BB Leader with the 3rd.
My eldest son left the 3rd when he turned 18 and my youngest is still at the 3rd he is 15.


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94th Glasgow 1st Shettleston. Joined the Junior Section in 1970 and carried on as an officer up to around 1988

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There were a few psycho teachers,maybe your talking about McBride.
Yes. McBride, the brick and big Fergie the French teacher! I think our BB coy moved to the school from the church hall but I had left by then.
And i am missing our visits to jersey , 3 cancelled this year and don’t reckon our April visit will go ahead!


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Yes. McBride, the brick and big Fergie the French teacher! I think our BB coy moved to the school from the church hall but I had left by then.
And i am missing our visits to jersey , 3 cancelled this year and don’t reckon our April visit will go ahead!
You may get lucky,pubs and restaurants are starting to open next month.


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4th Londonderry Gt James Street during the early days of the troubles and a street away from the Bogside! Great memories of the leaders. In 1968/1969 we went on our summer camp to Ayr and camped beside a building which they told us was the crematorium! The world's greatest youth organisation!


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246 Fernhill and Cathkin , through the 70s our company used to look massive when on parades with others , I don't know what the numbers would have been. My dad ex Clyde player in his day also helped to run the Fernhill Athletic when it first started. I remember the name Campbell and quite a few others. I was 8 or 9 year old and we used to most games, crushed into the back seat of the car with the players. We had to leave a game at Bellshill once before the end due to the cops being called, our goalie that day was getting abuse from some drunk on the pitch behind him , and ended up with my da laying him out, me and my brother and sister were chucked into the car for a quick exit !


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Wonderful organization. There would be a lot less neddery if the kids started going back.

PS: And maybe Scouts for the mentally challengeds.


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The all conquering 26th Dundee !!

The local BB to me here, now has as many girls in it as boys...what's all that about?

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201 Bluevale and Whitevale Parish Church, nestled between the Bristol and the Louden on Duke Street
Life Boy, Junior Boys Brigade, and Boys Brigade
Earned all my Badges including being awarded Gold Badge in its Inaugural year

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7th Wishaw were top kiddies back then.
Sorry mate but you are wrong 7th Wishaw were only interested in playing football. 2nd Wishaw consistently won all manner of things including the Scottish Flute Band Championship. Joe Moore was the Captain and had to stop due to Illness that was mid eighties and think it went downhill from there. Anyway great memories going to camp at Jersey and Paignton .

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I was in it for about 5 years as a wee boy and thought it was rubbish tbh shoehorning in religious iconography and mumbo jumbo, it was basically trying to brainwash wee boys into Christianity whilst playing at soldiers. I used to wonder why make such a big deal about the symbolism of an anchor when we never went near any water? Our camping trips were basically going to a church in west Kilbride and sleeping in sleeping bags on the floor in the church hall. The football was good and the marches were alright apart from boring church service, maybe I was unlucky going on some of fond memories in this thread? I went on and served in the Army but I in no way attribute any of my achievements to my time in the BB.
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Reading the latest issue of my parish newsletter I came across an article describing the Glasgow Stedfast Association which is an organisation for former members of the Boys Brigade.

The Stedfast Assocaition was formed so that ex-BB boys can continue to lend their support to the Brigade. I then did a search on the Internet and found some background on the Glasgow Assocaiton in the news section of the Glasgow Battalion website - http://www.bbglasgow.org.uk/news/news.asp

You can download a membership form here - http://www.bbglasgow.org.uk/news/Stedfast_Membership_Leaflet.pdf - membership costs just £10 a year.

Anyone got picture of the old BB displays/meetings at Ibrox?

100th Anniversary of The Life Boys.

I was in the Edinburgh 31st company section. Happy days.


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Was an Anchor boy at 1st Camelon then joined 2nd Falkirk, who were based at Irving Church in Camelon until i was around 14.

My 16 year old son is currently in his 10th year with 2nd Larbert, presented with his President's badge a few weeks ago, it should have been presented last year but their Captain wanted to present them in person in church, he's well on his way to completing his Queen's badge this year too.
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149 Company Toryglen Parish, Sure and Steadfast, raising and saluting the Union Jack, great memories.
Remember the football at Glasgow Green playing for a BB select, also going to the Kelvin Hall , I think it was a BB event over a few nights, done some obstacle course event.
Does anyone recall this.


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268th Glasgow, Springfield Cambridge Church in Bishopbriggs. In the mid 70s, we were the largest company in Springburn District, possibly Glasgow Battalion. We averaged 90+ on Friday nights.